14 Adorable Cairn Terrier Pictures Taken by the Pupparazzi

Raise the woof! You'll be mutts about the sweet face of the lively & lovable cairn terrier in these fun photos.

Updated August 14, 2023

Looking for an adorable dog with a smoosh-worthy face? Look no further than the cuddly, lively cairn terrier. It's difficult to look at the friendly, inquisitive faces in these cairn terrier pictures and not immediately want to find a pup to snuggle.

Equally at home in the field or your living room, they really are a breed that can share your entire life.

Raising a Cairn


Cairn pups are simply adorable, but before you know it, that sweet little baby will grow into a rather independent adult. Begin your relationship on the right footing with puppy socialization and obedience classes. If you don't become your pet's leader, you'll soon find them leading you!

Quick Tip

Exposure to different sights, sounds, and smells will help your puppy grow into a well-rounded adult.

Little Sportsman


If you love sporting, you'll be happy to find out that cairns do, too! These dogs are fearless and love to investigate new places, so they're your perfect companion for adventure. You can actually see the wheels turning in their minds as they take it all in. So go ahead and hit the water or hiking trail with your trusty cairn in tow. 

Always Time for Fun


Cairn terriers are very playful characters. They love taking part in your activities, and that includes a game of leaf pile diving just when you thought the yard work was finished! They're a fun and frisky breed that are always entertaining.

Nap Time


All that energy can wear a pup out! It's not all action all the time for a cairn, even if they do have a lot of energy to burn. Your cairn is a thoughtful little guy and loves to cuddle up with you for a nice nap.

Pup on the Go


Where you go, your cairn terrier wants to go, too. Planning a walk by the river? Don't forget to bring your pooch along. Your cairn is always a perfect companion when you're out and about. 

Safe Little Travelers


They're dogs, after all, so cairns love going for a ride. But always be sure to use a pet carrier for their safety. If they're not comfortable in a pet carrier, you can even find doggy seatbelts that clip to their harness.

Feet Made for Digging


Sure, you dig your cairn terrier. But beware—your cairn, while they certainly adore you—like to dig other things, too. The cairn's front paws are padded more than their rear paws, and they're even larger. This interesting difference helps them use their front paws to dig for vermin like mice, rats, and moles. If they hear or see wildlife out and about, be prepared. Your pup might chase it!

Quick Tip

Since these dogs dig instinctively, designating an area for digging or even giving them their own sandbox could reduce destructive digging. 

Persistence Galore


Some call it stubbornness, but we like to call it persistence. And cairns are incredibly persistent. Once they set their mind to something, it's hard to change.

Okay. So they have a bit of a stubborn streak. As such, they require a strong leader, but you're more than up to the task. Remember to be firm, but always use positive reinforcement with your pooch. 

The Anxiety Is Fur-Real


When you leave, your cairn will be counting the seconds until you return. The separation anxiety is for real with this breed. Keeping them busy while you're away is key to keeping them happy. 

Recognize the Movie Star?


Do you recognize this adorable breed, but can't figure out how? Cairns are stars in their own right. In fact, one cairn pooch starred in a timeless classic that you've probably seen—The Wizard of Oz. No one could forget Toto and his adventure with Dorothy! 

Living for Love


The cairn lives for love and thrives with attention. Don't worry about if you live in an apartment or a house. They don't care as long as they have enough love and exercise.

Ready for a Walk


The cairn's energetic nature and need for mental stimulation make daily walks essential. If you weren't in shape before you met this dog, you'll certainly get in shape when you live with them!

Cairn Pictures Prove This Is the Breed for You


If a clingy, energetic, happy-go-lucky dog is what you're looking for, this could be the breed for you! This pup will follow you everywhere, from the couch to the trail. 

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14 Adorable Cairn Terrier Pictures Taken by the Pupparazzi