7 Best Dog Breeds That Get Along Great With Cats

Adding a dog to your feline-dominated household? Bring home one of the best dog breeds for cats to keep the peace (and avoid any unnecessary stress).

Published July 19, 2023

We've all seen the adorable photos of cats and dogs cuddling that prove these two species can be best friends. And if you're thinking about adding a dog to your exclusively feline household, that's the dream, right? Unfortunately, not all dog breeds love cats as much as you do. Some just naturally chase small critters because they were bred for hunting rodents or other small animals. But don't give up hope because there are just as many dog breeds that are good with cats.

7. Keeshond


The Keeshond is a hidden gem breed that's not nearly as popular as it should be. These fluffy dogs were bred to be companions, so they get along with practically everyone, including cats. Keeshonds are super friendly, gentle, and obedient. What's not to like?

Fast Fact

Keeshonds are increasingly popular in the United States, but they're still relatively uncommon. Your best best is to work with a breeder to find your pup.

6. Newfoundland


Newfoundlands aren't called Gentle Giants for nothing. This peaceful breed gets along well with cats despite their big (and we mean BIG) size difference. Don't be surprised if your Newfie gets so attached to your cat that they become each other's emotional support animals!

5. Maltese


If you're looking for a small cat-friendly dog, the Maltese is a great choice. Maltese are playful and smart dogs that are eager to please. Most max out around 7 pounds, which means your cat will probably outweigh your new canine. But that won't keep them from frolicking around together.

4. Golden Retriever


Golden retrievers are one of the friendliest dog breeds out there, and their love extends to cats, too. Goldens are super patient and empathetic, which is why they're famously used as therapy and service dogs. The good news is these features also make them a perfect match for cats. Plus, cats love curling up in their long, luscious fur. Trust us, we know from experience.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are incredibly easy-going dogs who would love to live in a home with cats. Because of their gentle nature, they'll love up on everyone in the house (cats included) without feeling the need to herd or chase them around. Just keep an eye on grooming. Even though it's cute to watch your kitty bond with your spaniel by licking them, they could develop hairballs from all that long fur.

2. Papillon


We're just going to say it: the Papillon is basically the cat of the dog world. As a result, they're a great fit for cats. Papillons are intelligent, self-assured dogs who love nothing more than to curl up in your lap or right up next to a warm cat. We'd rename this breed "Cat's Best Friend" if we could.

1. Pug


And our top pick for the best dog breed for cats is none other than the pug. Pugs are true family dogs who get along with everyone: cats, other dogs, kids, and even small pets. They rarely bite and have a very charming and goofy personality. These sturdy dogs are unbelievably loyal, so a pug wouldn't hesitate to protect their feline friend if they're ever in danger. If you're looking for the Otis to your Milo, we vote for this loving breed.

Any Dog Can Be Cat-Friendly With Socializing


The truth is any dog, regardless of their breed, can get along with cats with the right training. If they were socialized with cats while growing up, they will get along with them. Most shelters will list if a dog is cat-friendly, but regardless, it's important to introduce them slowly. With time, your cat and dog could become the very best friends.

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7 Best Dog Breeds That Get Along Great With Cats