53 Nerdy Dog Names That Are Perfectly Geeky

Published December 11, 2020
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Nerdy dog names are a great choice for any geek or nerd. Even is you aren't of a scientific mind, you may appreciate math and science and decide to give your canine buddy an intelligent or creative name.

Video Game and RPG Characters

You may want to consider a few video game and RPG character names for your buddy. Any of the names will make a great nerdy name choice for your dog.

  1. Dante: From the game Devil May Cry, Dante is known for his two pistols, Ebony and Ivory, and a cool video character as the hellspawn of demon
  2. Donkey Kong: Iconic game from the early 80s, the King Kong character appears in Mario Kart series and Smash bros
  3. Gordon Freeman: Half-Life gun-toting hero doctor of theoretical physics
  4. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider game that morphed into movie franchise
  5. Leon Kennedy: Introduced in the first Resident Evil sequel character
  6. Link: Plumber hero from The Legend of Zelda
  7. Marcus Fenix: A fierce marine that loves to shoot everything up in Gears of War
  8. Mario: Donkey Kong original of Nintendo games
  9. Master Chief: Protagonist from Halo Xbox game known as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117
  10. Pac Man: The most recognizable and iconic gaming character of the Pac Man game
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Great Names in Math and Science

You may want to consider the names of famous leaders in math and science for your canine friend. All of these names offer inspiration when you name your best friend as a fun tribute to a math or science legend.

  1. Archimedes: Greek mathematician, engineer, inventor, physicist, and astronomer; he is called the father of mathematics.
  2. Curie: Marie Curie was a professor of physics and mathematics and received two Nobel Prize awards and coined the word radioactivity with work in X-rays that ultimately killed her.
  3. Einstein: Albert Einstein's developed the theory of relativity, E=MC2.
  4. Faraday: Michael Faraday was an English physicist and chemist who invented the electromagnetic field blocking Faraday cage.
  5. Franklin: Rosalind Franklin was an English chemist who advanced the science that led to understanding DNA, RNA and viruses.
  6. Galileo: Galileo Galilei was a polymath, and specifically a physicist and engineer. He invented the first pendulum clock and discoveries that included proving the Earth revolves around the sun.
  7. Hawking: Stephen Hawking was a renowned English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, who made groundbreaking discoveries.
  8. Newton: Sir Isaac Newton was a mathematician known for his theory of gravity and invented calculus.
  9. Sagan: Carl Sagan was a renowned astronomer, astrophysicist, focused on extraterrestrial life research. He created the first messages, Voyager Golden Record, sent into space.
  10. Tesla: Nikola Tesla was an inventor and futurist, known for his work in wireless electricity, wireless device communication, and many other experimental inventions.
  11. Turing: Alan Turing was a mathematician, computer scientist, is called the father of theoretical computer science and AI (artificial intelligence).
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Pop Culture Nerdy Names for Your Dog

Pop culture offers a wealth of nerdy name choices for your dog. If you have a favorite comic/graphic novel or TV series character, you may decide it's the ideal name for your dog.

  1. Buffy: Vampire slayer from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Series.
  2. Doctor Who: Eccentric time lord character on long-running British TV series, Doctor Who, traveling in a time machine that looks like a blue police phone booth
  3. Echo: Daredevil comic character as an Avenger
  4. Khaleesi: Fictional name for queen in HBO series, Game of Thrones
  5. Kirk: Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek TV series
  6. Logan: X-Men comic and movie character whose code name is Wolverine
  7. Primrose: Sister of Katniss in the book and movie series, The Hunger Games
  8. Sheldon: Nerdy physicists from TV comedy series Big Bang Theory
  9. Spike: Vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series
  10. Spock: Mr Spock, Vulcan first officer of the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek TV series
  11. Trillian: Female astrophysicist from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Star Wars Names for Your Dog

If you're a diehard Star Wars fan, then choosing a character's name for your dog is just a natural process of your fandom. You may find it difficult to choose just one name, though.

  1. Chewy (Chewbacca): Wookie co-pilot with Han Solo on the Millennium Falcon
  2. Ewok: Fictional small and furry bipedal aliens that live on the forest moon, Endor
  3. Han Solo: Smuggler and captain of the Millennium Falcon destined to be a reluctant hero of the Rebel Alliance
  4. Jaja Binks: Clumsy AI generated character that is a clumsy outcast on Naboo
  5. Leia: Princess and Rebel Alliance leader, unknown twin sister of Luke Skywalker and secret daughter of Darth Vader
  6. Luke Skywalker: A Tatooine farm boy and brother of Leia (secret son of Darth Vader), Luke becomes a renowned Jedi warrior
  7. Obi Wan: Legendary Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi trained Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) and served as Luke Skywalker's mentor
  8. Vader: Darth Vader (aka Anakin Skywalker) was a former Jedi Knight, turned to the dark side to serve the Emperor, Sheev Palpatine's Galactic Empire as the Sith Lord Vader
  9. Wookie: Fictional tall, hairy, super strong, humanoid alien species from the planet Kashyyyk
  10. Yoda: Jedi Master with strong connection to the force and trained Luke Skywalker to be a Jedi Knight
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Computer Science Jargon for Dog Names

Computer science jargon offers some cool nerdy choices for your dog. You don't necessarily have to work in technology to have a love or appreciation for all things electronic and digital.

  1. Ada: Ada Lovelace is touted as the first programmer
  2. Byte: A unit that consists of eight bits of digital information
  3. Cisco: Computer technology manufacturer
  4. Cookie: Information packet communicates between a browser and web server
  5. Default: User or variable setting of an initial value
  6. Java: Sun Microsystems' programming language named for Java coffee
  7. Perl: Interpretive scripting language
  8. Ping: Networking tool that detects hosts
  9. Pixel: Minute point of illumination for display screen used to create image
  10. Protocol: Rules created to determine framework for data to be transmitted from device on the same network
  11. Vector: Programming term for a line with start and end points

Choosing Geeky and Nerdy Dog Names

With 53 choices of geeky and nerdy dog names, you're sure to find the perfect one for your dog. You can try out your favorites to find the one your buddy answers as though it were already his name.

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53 Nerdy Dog Names That Are Perfectly Geeky