125 + Top Spanish Dog Names for Males & Females

Published August 7, 2020
Galgo in the middle of a field at sunset

Spanish culture is a rich source of inspiration for a name for your new puppy. You may have a Spanish background yourself, have a Spanish breed, or just love Spain and its cuisine, landscapes, and many cultures including the Catalan and Basque people.

Popular Male Spanish Dog Names

These are some of the most commonly heard Spanish names for men and they can make great names for male dogs like a graceful Ibizan Hound.

Name Meaning Notes
Alejandro defending men Spanish version of Alexander
Alfonso noble and ready
Benito blessed
Cornelio horn
Diego a diminutive form of Santiago
Eduardo rich guard
Esteban crown or wreath Spanish version of Stephen
Faustino lucky
Fidel faithful
Flavio yellow-haired
Gilberto bright pledge
Gonzalo related to war name of a Spanish saint
Guillermo will helmet Spanish form of William
Ignacio fire
Javier new house
Juan Yahweh is gracious Spanish form of John
León Spanish province
Marcos Roman god of war Spanish form of Mark
Mateo gift of Yahweh Spanish form of Matthew
Nando brave journey diminutive for Fernando
Paulo small or humble Spanish form of Paul
Raúl wolf counsel Spanish form of Ralph
Rodolfo famous wolf Spanish form of Rudolf
Salvador savior
Santiago Saint James
Silvio forest
Tomás twin Spanish form of Thomas
Top Spanish dog names for males and females

Popular Female Spanish Dog Names

These lovely names are some of the most commonly used female names in Spain. They're perfect names for any female dog.

Name Meaning Notes
April April
Adela noble
Alba dawn
Alejandra Spanish version of Alexandra
Alèxia Spanish version of Alexis
Alma soul or nourishing
Carmen song
Clara bright or famous
Consuelo consolation
Dolores sorrows
Elvira all true
Esmerelda emerald
Esperanza to hope
Fátima a town in Portugal
Gemma gemstone Catalan origin
Gloria glory
Imelda whole battle
Inés chaste Spanish version of Agnes
Isabel God is my oath Spanish version of Elizabeth
Isidora gift of Isis

town in Spain important to Catholics

Lucía light
Margarita daisy Spanish form of Margaret
Marisol sea and sun
Mercedes mercies
Paloma dove
Pilar pillar
Socorro relief
Soledad solitude
Teresa to harvest
Yolanda violet
Dog with pink pullover in Andalusia

Cool Male Spanish Dog Names

A cool name for a dog is one that's more unusual with Spanish, Basque, or Catalan origins. Picture one of these names on a big handsome Presa Canario.

Name Meaning Notes
Agapito beloved
Aitor good father Basque origin
Argi light Basque origin
Argider beautiful light Basque origin
Aritz oak tree Basque origin
Arkaitz rock Basque origin
Arrats afternoon or dusk Basque origin
Asier the beginning Basque origin
Baudelio name of a Spanish saint
Benigno friendly and kind
Borja tower
Cosme order
Custodio guardian
Duilio war
Eder handsome or beautiful Basque origin
Eguzki sun Basque origin
Ekaitz storm Basque origin
Epifanio appearance
Erlantz glow or shine Basque origin
Fulgencio shining
Gaizka savior Basque origin
Garaile victor Basque origin
Gotzon angel Basque origin
Hodei cloud Basque origin
Ibai river Basque origin
Itzal shadow Basque origin
Izotz ice Basque origin
Kemen courage Basque origin
Moreno dark-skinned
Olegario old spear
Oroitz memory Basque origin
Ortzi sky Basque origin
Pastor shepherd
Porfirio purple dye
Ramiro famous advice
Rosendo path of fame
Sabas old man
Sancho holy
Sandalio true wolf
Santos saints
Sendoa strong Basque origin
Telmo from St. Elmo
Tercero third or third-born child
Vasco crow
Vinicio wine
Zeru sky Basque origin
Dog Looking Away On Field During Sunset

Cool Female Spanish Dog Names

These female Spanish names for dogs are more unusual and come from different cultures found in Spain.

Name Meaning Notes
Abene pillar Basque origin
Adoración adoration
Águeda good
Agurne greeting Basque origin
Aina grace Catalan origin, version of Anna
Aintza glory Basque origin
Aitana Spanish mountain range
Alazne miracle Basque origin
Almudena citadel
Alondra lark
Amaia the end Basque origin
Amparo shelter or protection
Ángeles angels
Araceli alter of the sky
Ascensión ascension
Belén house of bread
Berezi special Basque origin
Bidane way Basque origin
Bienvenida welcome
Bihotz heart Basque origin
Corona crown
Edurne snow Basque origin
Emperatriz empress
Enara a swallow bird Basque origin
Eskarne mercy Basque origin
Euria rain Basque origin
Garbi clean or pure Basque origin
Garden clear or transparent Basque origin
Goizane morning Basque origin
Goizargi morning light Basque origin
Gracia grace
Haizea wind Basque origin
Hilargi moon Basque origin
Hirune trinity Basque origin
Idoia pond Basque origin
Ihintza dew Basque origin
Inmaculada immaculate
Irati fern field Basque origin
Itsaso ocean Basque origin
Itxaro hope Basque origin
Izar star Basque origin
Javiera new house
Jovita from the Roman god Jove
Justa just
Leocadia bright, clear, or white
Leyre mountain range in Spain
Luna moon
Maider beautiful Basque origin
Mar sea
Marina of the sea
Milagros miracles
Montserrat mountain in Spain
Nahia desire Basque origin
Naia sea foam or wave Basque origin
Nekane sorrows Basque origin
Nere mine Basque origin
Nereida sea nymph
Nieves snow
Núria Catalan origin, site of a Catholic shrine in Spain
Oihana forest Basque origin
Oriana gold
Osane remedy Basque origin
Pacífica peacemaker
Paz peace
Perla pearl
Perpetua continuous or perpetual
Pía pious
Reina queen
Remedios remedies
Remei remedy Catalan origin
Rocío dew
Rosara golden rose
Salut health Catalan origin
Sol sun
Sorne conception Basque origin
Udane summer Basque origin
Usoa dove Basque origin
Yaiza town in Spain
Soraida dawn or enchanting
Portrait Of Bichon Frise

Spanish Dog Names for Male and Female Dogs

These Spanish names can be used for girls and boys and would work well on a male or female dog of any breed.

Name Meaning Notes
Amets dream Basque origin
Amor love
Arlo area Basque origin
Chus Shortened form of Jesus or Jesusa
Cruz cross
Guadalupe place in Spain that Catholics revere
Guiomar famous battle
Loreto laurel grove
Lupe shortened form of Guadalupe
Reyes kings
Rosario rosary
Trinidad trinity
Zorion happiness
Happy bernese mountain dog looking at camera

Funny Spanish Dog Names

These dog names have some cute and funny meanings that would work well for a silly or small dog, like a Bichon Frise, which originated in the Spanish Canary Islands.

Name Meaning Notes
Alaia happy Basque origin
Besos kisses
Cómico comic
Descarado sassy
Dulce sweets or candy
Erlea bee Basque origin
Esti sweet honey Basque origin
Eulalia sweet speaking
Graciosa or Gracioso funny
Gutxi little Basque origin
Macarena town in Spain and a famous dance
Macario blessed and happy
Zorion happiness

Cute Spanish Dog Names

These names for dogs are based on delectable Spanish foods, Spanish words for colors, and flowers native to Spain.

Name Meaning Notes
Amapola poppy flower
Amarillo yellow
Azahar orange blossom
Azucena madonna lily
Blanco white
Bruno brown
Campanilla bluebell flowers
Caramelo candy
Castaño brown
Chorizo Spanish sausage
Clavel carnation Spain's national flower
Colorado red
Croqueta fried small appetizer
Flor flower
Gazania orange and yellow daisy-like flower
Gazpacho cold tomato soup
Gris gray
Jacinta hyacinth flower
Jamón Spanish ham
Lantana type of flower
Lilia lily
Manchego Spanish cheese
Marrón brown
Naranja orange
Oriol golden Catalan origin
Oro gold
Paella rice dish
Pastel cake
Picos breadstick snack
Rojo red
Rosa rose
Sabroso tasty
Salmorejo a type of gazpacho
Sangria a mix of red wine, fruit juice, and fruit
Tapas a mix of appetizers or small bites
Tarta or Torta cake
Turron a delicious candy made with nougat, nuts, and honey
Zuriñe white Basque origin
Fawn French Bulldog

The Best Spanish Names for Dogs

Choosing a Spanish name for your dog can work well with any breed of dog, whether it's a Spanish Water Dog native to the country, or a happy-go-lucky All-American mixed breed. Consider choosing a Spanish name for your dog to show off your love for Spanish culture and language.

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125 + Top Spanish Dog Names for Males & Females