100+ Fun Irish Dogs Names for a Pot-of-Gold Pup

Published August 6, 2020
Irish setter puppy portrait

Irish dog names are an excellent choice for your pet if you're looking to celebrate your own heritage or your dog's depending on the breed. Many Irish names are common in popular culture, but there's a quite a few you may not have heard before that will definitely help your dog stand out from the canine crowd.

Irish Girl Dog Names

These Irish names for female dogs include many names that are familiar to American ears along with some rarer names more commonly used in Ireland.

Name Pronunciation
(if needed)
Aisling ash-ling dream
Aoibheann ee-van beautiful or radiant
Bébinn bay-vin fair lady
Blathnaid blaw-nid blossom
Bridget exalted one
Caoimhe kee-va beautiful or kind
Caragh kara friend or beloved
Ciara kee-rah dark
Damhnait dehv-nawt fawn
Dierdre deer-dra woman
Eabha ey-vah the Irish version of Eve, means "life"
Eireann erin Ireland
Eithne enya seed or nut kernel
Fiadh fee-ah wild
Fiona white and fair
Imogen imma-jen maiden or innocent
Kayleigh kay-lee slim and fair
Laoise lee-sha radiant girl or light
Líadan lee-din grey lady
Mairead mi-rade pearl
Moira moy-rah fate or destiny
Naomh nevh holy
Nessa rough
Nollaig naw-lek Christmas
Nuala noo-lah fair shoulder
Orlaith or-la golden princess
Rathnait ra-net grace and prosperity
Roisin ro-sheen little rose
Rowan ro-en a type of tree
Saoirse ser-sha liberty
Shannon wise river
Sinead shin-ade God is gracious
Siobhán shiv-on God's grace
Sláine slah-nye health
Úna oo-neh lamb
Fun Irish dogs names

Irish Boy Dog Names

If you're looking for a classic Irish name for your male dog, such as fierce Kerry Blue Terrier or a stately Irish Setter, these names will work well for these dogs or any breed.

Name Pronunciation
(if needed)
Aidan little fiery one
Aodh ay fire
Barry fair haried
Brandon prince
Brian noble
Callum cah-luhm dove
Caolan keelin slender
Cian kee-an ancient
Ciaran keeran little dark one
Cillian kill-ee-an war or bright-headed
Conor lover of hounds
Cormac son of defilement
Darragh or Dara darra fertile or oak tree
Darren little oak
Donal ruler of the world
Donnacha done-acka brown-haired warrior
Donovan descendent of Donndubhán
Doyle descendent of Dubhghall
Énna ay-na bird-like
Eoin Owen young
Fearghal feer-gal man of valor
Fechín feh-kheen little raven
Finnegan descendent of Fionnagán
Kelly descendent of O'Ceallaigh
Kennedy descendent of Cennétig
Liam warrior with a strong will
Lorcan lore-can fierce or silent
Oscar deer lover
Patrick nobly born and also the name of Ireland's most famous saint
Quinn descendant of O'Cuinn
Rian kingly or little king
Rory rust-colored
Ruiari rory red-haired king
Sean God is gracious
Shay hawk or noble
Tiernan teer-nan little lord
Wheaten dog laying

Creative Irish Dog Names

Some Irish names are truly unusual and unique. These names for boy and girl dogs will definitely spark conversation! Some creative Irish names for male dogs are:

Name Pronunciation
(if needed)
Berach bahr-akh sharp
Brádach bra-dekh large chested
Dáire daw-ra fertile
Daithi da-hee swift
Fionnbharr fyeen-wer fair hair
Lonán luw-nan little blackbird
Odhran orin little pale green one
Ronan little seal
Senan sennin ancient or little wise person
Tadhg tige poet

Creative Irish names for female dogs could be some more unusual names that are from early Irish history.

Name Pronunciation
(if needed)
Ailbhe al-va white rock
Caoilfhionn keel-een fair and slender
Dearbháil dya-re-wal daughter of Ireland
Fianna fyee-eh-neh band of warriors
Mór mor great
Ragnailt rein-ilt battle counsel
Sadb siev sweet
Siofra shee-freh elf
Treasa tra-sah strength
Irish wolfhound dog

Dog Names Based on Irish Beer and Whiskey

The whiskey and beers of Ireland are world-renowned. These names are from some of the most well-known brands and would make cute names for an Irish breed of dog.


















red and white Irish Setter dog

Female Irish Dog Names Based on Celtic Mythology

Ireland has a rich folklore and mythology full of heroes, fairies and warrior queens. These names would work well for a female Irish Wolfhound or any "legendary" breed of dog.

Name Pronunciation
(if needed)
Áine awn-ye The Queen of the Munster fairies
Aoife ee-fa A great female warrior who was the mother of the son of the legendary hero Cuchulainn. The name means "radiant" or "beautiful."
Clíodhna clee-na Goddess of love and beauty, and also the Queen of the Banshees
Eimear ee-mur Wife of the great Cuchulainn, the name means "swift."
Grainne gawn-ye Goddess of the harvest, the name means "grain" or "corn."
Meabh maeve The famous warrior queen of Cannacht
Muireann mweer-in A mermaid in legend who was captured by a fisherman. The name means "sea white" or "sea fair."
Niamh neev Daughter of the sea god Manannan, she was known for having beautiful golden hair. The name means "radiance."
Irish terrier dog running

Male Irish Dog Names Based on Celtic Mythology

Some famous Irish gods and legendary heroes make for larger-than-life figures. These can make excellent names for your feisty Wheaten Terrier or other type of dog.

Name Pronunciation
(if needed)
Bran A figure in folklore who was a heroic adventurer. The name means "raven."
Cuchulainn koo-hul-in A famous warrior from Irish legend who was the son of a God. He was also known for his hounds.
Diarmuid deer-mid A member of the warriors "The Fianna" and beloved of the goddess Grainne, the name means "without enemy."
Fiachra fee-akh-ra One of four children in an Irish legend that were turned into swans for 900 years.
Fintan fin-tan In Irish folklore, a person who was the only survivor of a flood. The name means "white fire" or "white bull."
Fionn finn A famous character in Irish legend, Fionn MacColl led The Fianna, a band of warriors. The name means "fair-headed."
Lir God of the sea
Oison o-sheen A legendary hero-poet in mythology, the name means "little deer."

Finding Irish Names for Your Dog

Irish names may appear hard to pronounce, but most are quite easy to say once you learn how. These dog names come with a rich history behind them and can really express how you feel about your dog and Irish culture, whether you come from it or simply enjoy it!

100+ Fun Irish Dogs Names for a Pot-of-Gold Pup