Funny Cat Tags for Kitties Who Like to Explore

Published March 22, 2022
striped cat with ID tag

If your cat wears an ID tag, it ought to express their quirky personality. Avoid the mundane "I'm lost" messages and instead, pick something that'll arouse some laughs. And if your cat is an explorer who is not actually lost, a fun message can express this sentiment. Choose a funny cat tag phrase based on your cat's character.

Tags for Outdoor Cats Who Are Not Lost

Maybe you have an expansive property, or your outdoor cat is simply a neighborhood roamer. Let concerned folks know your kitty doesn't need saving with these messages.

  • Not lost, just trollin'
  • I may act hungry, but I have a home!
  • I'm not a regular cat, I'm an outside cat
  • I'm not lost. I run this 'hood
  • I may look confused, but I'm not lost
  • Leave me be. I run these streets

Funny Cat Tags for Indoor Cats

orange cat on window sill with id tag

Indoor cats should have identification, too. In the case your adventurous kitty slips out the door or an open window, wearing your contact information will help you be reunited. However, because many cats roam outdoors, people may not be inclined to call unless the tag indicates this cat shouldn't be outside. Use one of these funny phrases to let rescuers know.

  • I ran away again. Call my humans!
  • I look tough, but I'm not an outside cat
  • Call my Muggles
  • Please return me to the crazy cat lady.
  • Call my family before they freak out
  • Not all those who wander are lost, but I am!
  • I seem to have misplaced my humans
  • C.A.T. phone home
  • I'm an escape artist. Call my agent

Silly Phrases for Cat Tags

gray cat with ID tag

Consider using your cat's tag as a way to send onlookers a message. Maybe you want them to avoid feeding your kitty, or perhaps you'd like to express they have a feisty temper. You can find the perfect silly phrase for any feline personality.

  • Hello, my name is [your cat's name], you're not my father, prepare to die
  • If you can read this, you're too close
  • If you feed me, I'll never leave you alone
  • Sir Licks-a-Lot
  • Can't talk, doing hot cat things
  • Mom says I'm on a diet. Don't feed me
  • I'm the cat's meow
  • I know I'm cute, but you can't keep me
  • Feline feisty
  • Do not feed after midnight
  • Queen of everything
  • Talk to the paw

All Cats Should Wear an ID Tag

Along with choosing a fun phrase for your cat's tag, it's important to display all necessary contact information. You can also indicate if your cat is on a special diet, whether they have any conditions, and if there's a reward for their return. Even if your kitty spends all their time indoors, it's possible they could slip outside to explore. Make sure they have a legible and current ID tag to keep your cat safe.

Funny Cat Tags for Kitties Who Like to Explore