70 Swedish Cat Names From Sweet to Spunky

Published January 19, 2021
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Swedish cat names offer you some unique choices for your feline buddy's name. You may want to consider the meaning of each name to make sure it is a good fit for your companion.

Swedish Cat Names for Special Felines

Many of the Swedish cat names have various origins, such as Old Norse and even Viking. You can introduce a touch of these cultures into your life when you choose one of these Swedish cat names.

Swedish Cat Names for Female Cats

You have quite a few choices when it comes to selecting a Swedish cat name for a female feline. You can choose a name from a list that best summarizes how you feel about your best bud.

Blessed and Joyous Female Swedish Cat Name

A female Swedish cat name that reflects joy and blessing is a great way to honor your furry friend. You can choose one of the names for a list that provides the meaning of each name to ensure you select the ideal one.

  • Agda: Good
  • Dagmar: Joyous day, bright
  • Dagny: New day
  • Elsa: Pledged to God
  • Helga: Blessed, holy
  • Nanna: Graceful
  • Ronja: Joyful song of God
  • Sötnos: Sweetheart
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Popular Female Swedish Cat Names

You might decide that a popular Swedish female cat name is the best choice for your kitty. After all, your special cat is no doubt the most popular one in your household!

  • Inga: Lives near a meadow (Ing)
  • Juni: June
  • Kiruna: City of Northern Lights
  • Linnea: Linden or lime tree
  • Stövlar: Boots
  • Strumpor: Stockings, socks

Strong and Powerful Female Swedish Cat Names

If your feline is stealth and powerful, then you definitely need a warrior type name. At the very least, you may choose a names that means goddess or ruler for your fierce feline.

  • Brita, Britta: Strength, power
  • Erica: Eternal ruler
  • Gerd: Strength, spear
  • Gunilla: Battle maiden
  • Hedda: War, battle
  • Henrika: Rule of home
  • Hilde: Fight
  • Hjördis: Sword goddess
  • Pernilla: Rock
  • Sigrid: Victory, wisdom
  • Tova: Feminine form of Thor, god of thunder
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Female Swedish Cat Names That Are Ethereal

You may prefer an ethereal name that exudes mystique for your furry beauty. A majestic name, such as a goddess or beautiful being, might be the perfect choice.

  • Anja: Grace
  • Asta: Star like
  • Astrid: Fair, beautiful goddess
  • Freja, Freya: Goddess of love, sex, fertility, birth, gold, war
  • Ingrid: Beautiful, beloved
  • Kajsa: Pure
  • Karina, Carina: Dear little one
  • Klara: Bright, clear
  • Maja: Splendid
  • Mia: Mine

Swedish Cat Names for Male Cats

A list of male Swedish cat names can provide you with many choices for your feline pal. You can explore the meaning of each name to see if fits your furry friend's personality.

Popular Male Swedish Cat Names

You can select a name for your cat when you browse popular male Swedish cat names. You may discover a name that is perfect for your furry companion.

  • Agaton: Pure
  • Bamse: Bear, teddy bear
  • Benkt: Blessed
  • Björn: Bear, teddy bear
  • Dag: Daylight
  • Espen: God bear
  • Garth: Garden
  • Gjord: Peace of God
  • Goran: Farmer
  • Greger: Watchful
  • Jesper: Treasurer
  • Ludde: Fluffy, wooly
  • Narve: Helmet, kettle
  • Olle: Ancestor's descendant
  • Rune: Secret
  • Stig: Wanderer
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Powerful Male Swedish Cat Names

Male Swedish cat names that are powerful or reference nobility are regal enough for your cat bud. You can choose a name that best fits your cat's masculinity.

  • Alcazar: Castle
  • Balder: Prince
  • Gunnar, Gunner: Warrior, fighter
  • Gustaf: Staff of the gods
  • Hein: Home leader
  • Ivar: Warrior
  • Jarl: Noble
  • Lars: Crowned with laurel
  • Mikael: God like
  • Mikkel: Enormous
  • Nels: Chief
  • Nils: Victory of the people
  • Rikard: King, ruler
  • Roffe: Legendary wolf
  • Sigge: Victory
  • Sten: Stone
  • Sven: Young warrior youth
  • Thor: Powerful god of thunder and rain
  • Viktor: Conqueror, victorious

Swedish Cat Names and Their Meanings

You can find a Swedish cat name for your pet cat when you review several lists that also provide the meaning for each name. You may need to take a second run through of the names before finalizing your choice for your special kitty.

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