5 Misconceptions You Might Have About a Self-Cleaning Litter Box, DEBUNKED!

Published August 5, 2022
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If you're a cat owner, you've probably seen self-cleaning litter boxes advertised online or in stores. Being a cat owner myself, I've often glanced at these high-tech litter boxes and wondered if they'd make life with cats easier. Knowing how finicky felines can be, it's only natural to worry whether they'd accept a new way to use the litter box . So would a self-cleaning litter box really work?

These worries are understandable. Unfortunately, many misconceptions about self-cleaning litter boxes keep pet owners from jumping ship into the glorious world of no more scooping. That's why I rounded up the most common misconceptions about Whisker's self-cleaning litter box, Litter-Robot, and five truths you might not have known.

Misconception #1. You won't be aware of your cat's bathroom habits or health concerns because you aren't scooping every piece of waste.

You may wonder how you can keep an eye on your cat's bathroom habits when you aren't actually scooping their litter. You'll be delighted to know that Litter-Robot does this for you, so you can avoid the scooping and smells that come with your cat's litter. Once you download the Whisker App on your phone, you can get notified and check in any time for updates on your cat's litter box activity. Litter-Robot 4 will even weigh your cat while they're using the box and update you on the app.

If that wasn't enough, the Whisker App also alerts you when the waste drawer is full and allows you to customize features like turning the night light on and activating sleep mode to stop cycling for a certain amount of time. You can set up and track multiple Litter-Robots or Feeder Robots - Whisker's automatic pet feeder - within the app. Of course, if you feel like you need an even closer look, you can also open the waste drawer at any time to inspect the contents for yourself.

Misconception #2. It'll take up too much space.

Another common misconception about self-cleaning litter boxes is that they'll take up too much space, especially if you live in a small apartment. But fear not: Litter-Robot has the same footprint as a large traditional litter pan. Not only that, but it's reinforced with a sealed waste drawer and carbon filter to keep odors from seeping out and stinking up your home. Litter-Robot is suitable for up to four cats, so you don't need multiple litter boxes to keep your cats happy. It helps reduce tracking, so you don't need to sweep litter off your floor constantly.

Litter-Robot 4 is designed in a sleek and modern style that'll easily fit your home decor, and comes in white or black. This pet appliance is so well-designed that your guests probably won't even guess it's a litter box sitting in the corner.

whisker litter robot

Misconception #3. It's loud and will scare my cat.

While Litter-Robot does make some noise and may intrigue your cat the first few cleaning cycles, the new Litter-Robot 4 has QuietSift™ technology that makes the cleaning process whisper-quiet. Allowing your cat to get used to the machine on their terms (for example, setting it up and letting your cat explore it on their own while it's unplugged) has given many pet owners positive results. While it's a change from a traditional pan litter, most pet owners have reported that their cats have happily taken to their new self-cleaning litter box within a week or two.

Misconception #4. My cat won't use it.

We all know cats are very particular. It's not easy to introduce something new into their routine, let alone expect them to quickly accept it. The best way to adjust your cat to Litter-Robot is to leave the cleaning cycle turned off until they start using it. Once you've noticed your cat has used Litter-Robot, turn the cleaning cycle on when your cat's in the room so they can observe and become familiar with the cycling motion. It's also a good idea to stay in the room with them and provide a source of comfort to let them know they're safe using the litter box.

If your cat seems to be avoiding the litter box, try placing a treat near Litter-Robot, so they start positively associating with it. Whisker also suggests that while you'll want to leave their old litter box out until they've fully adjusted, stop cleaning it out to encourage your cat to use the new self-cleaning box. You can even take a scoop of litter from the old box and put it in Litter-Robot so your cat is more likely to use it once they smell the familiar scent.

Though it's not guaranteed your cat will acclimate to this new box, tens of thousands of positive reviews online prove that it's definitely possible. Even customers with skittish cats have reported their cats quickly accepting this new self-cleaning litter box, making life easier for both humans and felines.

woman playing with gray kitten

Misconception #5. Kittens can't use them.

Good news: Kittens over 3 pounds can use Litter-Robot 4! For kittens that weigh less, you'll want to keep Litter-Robot unplugged until they reach 3 pounds and can be detected by Litter-Robot's weight scale. Until then, wait for about seven minutes after your kitten uses Litter-Robot to plug it in and turn on the cleaning cycle. Then unplug it again for safe use.

Visit the Litter Robot 4 by Whisker site to learn more about the functionality and features.

5 Misconceptions You Might Have About a Self-Cleaning Litter Box, DEBUNKED!