150 Vibrant Italian Cat Names

Published January 6, 2021
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Italian cat names can give your feline buddy a touch of old world mystique. You can select a name based on your cat's gender or opt to choose solely on the meaning of the name.

Italian Cat Names for Males

If you don't feel your cat has the quality given in the meaning, then you should skip it and move on to the next name. There are plenty of Italian cat names to choose from, so take your time deciding on the one that best fits your cat.

  1. Adolfo: Noble, majestic wolf
  2. Alberto: Bright, nobility
  3. Aldo: Tall one
  4. Alessandro: Defender of mankind
  5. Anatolia: Dawn
  6. Augustus: Majestic, venerable
  7. Bacchus: God of wine
  8. Benito: Blessed
  9. Cosmo: Beauty, order
  10. Dante: Long-lasting, enduring
  11. Dominic: Lord
  12. Draco: Dragon
  13. Esatto: Exact, correct
  14. Fabius: Bean grower
  15. Franco: Frenchman
  16. Giovanni: God is gracious
  17. Guido: Guide
  18. Horatio: Keeper of time
  19. Leonardo: Strong as a lion
  20. Luciano: Light
  21. Luigi: Celebrated warrior
  22. Lupo: Wolf
  23. Mario: Warrior
  24. Mattone: Brick
  25. Nero: Strong
  26. Paizo: To play
  27. Pelo: Hair
  28. Renato: Reborn
  29. Rocco: Rest
  30. Salvatore: Savior
  31. Stefano: Garland crown
  32. Tenero: Cuddly
  33. Tito: Honored
  34. Volpe: Fox
  35. Zito: Young bachelor
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Italian Cat Names for Females

You may enjoy exploring Italian cat names for females to find a fit for your feminine feline. Some of the names offer a strong moniker, while others have a dreamy mystical appeal.

  1. Adrina: Happiness
  2. Alba: White
  3. Alicia: Noble
  4. Amara: Everlasting
  5. Ammiro: I admire
  6. Andrea: Strong
  7. Angelina: Messenger of God
  8. Aria: Song
  9. Aurelia: Golden
  10. Bambi: Baby girl, baby female deer
  11. Bella: Beautiful
  12. Bianca: White
  13. Callisto: Most beautiful
  14. Camilla: Acolyte
  15. Carlotta: Free woman
  16. Caterina: Pure
  17. Daniella: God is my judge
  18. Dianah, Diana: Goddess of the hunt
  19. Donatella: Gift of God
  20. Donna: Lady
  21. Evangelina: Gospel, good news
  22. Florentina: Flower, flourish
  23. Isabella: Devoted to God
  24. Lucia: Light
  25. Maria: Of the sea
  26. Olivia: Olive
  27. Ottavia: Eight
  28. Pia: Reverent, devout, pious
  29. Prima: First
  30. Rosalia: Rose
  31. Silvia, Sylvia: Spirit of the wood
  32. Stella: Star
  33. Valentina: Strong, healthy
  34. Victoria: Victory
  35. Zola: Earth

Italian Cat Names Inspired by Female Music Composers

Female Italian composers aren't well known. However, there were many Italian women on the music scene for several centuries. You may choose to honor one as the namesake for your cat. Any of these last names will make a cool name for your female feline.

  1. Assandra
  2. Badalla
  3. Baroni
  4. Basile
  5. Bembo
  6. Caccini
  7. Casulana
  8. Cecchi-Fedi
  9. De Rossi
  10. Leonarda
  11. Pieta
  12. Quinciani
  13. Strozzi
  14. Venezia
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Italian Cat Names Inspired by Male Music Composers

If you're looking for a male cat name, then you can add a little glamour to his name by selecting an Italian male composer's name. You may want to listen to some of the composer's music before reaching a decision.

  1. Alberti
  2. Bellini
  3. Boccherini
  4. Cambini
  5. Catalani
  6. Cherubini
  7. Clemnti
  8. Corelli
  9. Dagonetti
  10. Franchetti
  11. Martucci
  12. Monteverdi
  13. Monti
  14. Paganini
  15. Peri
  16. Puccini
  17. Rossini
  18. Scarlatti
  19. Verdi
  20. Vivaldi

Italian Cat Names in Honor of Male Artists

Italian male artists provide you with many great name choices for your cat. You may choose to use both the first and last names for a unique cat name, or opt for just one of the names.

  1. Antonio Badile
  2. Bernardino Luini
  3. Domenico Caprioli
  4. Giorgione
  5. Giuseppe Abbati
  6. Jacopo Bellini
  7. Leonardo da Vinci
  8. Lorenzo Monaco
  9. Luigi Benfatto
  10. Masaccio
  11. Michelangelo
  12. Oeitro Adami
  13. Orcagna
  14. Pietro Lauri
  15. Pietro Novelli
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Italian Cat Names in Honor of Women Artists

Women artists throughout the centuries have been creating art. They didn't wait for permission to create art, they simply were artists and pursued their careers even though in the past, women weren't taken seriously as artists. There are some truly amazing female Italian artists for you to consider using one or both of their names for your furry companion.

  1. Artemisia Gentileschi
  2. Barbara Longhi
  3. Chiara Varotari
  4. Diana Scultori
  5. Elisabetta Sirani
  6. Giovanna Fratellini
  7. Isabella Parasole
  8. Juana Romani
  9. Lavinia Fontana
  10. Lucia Anguissola
  11. Marietta Tintoretto
  12. Plautilla Nelli
  13. Rosalba Carriera
  14. Sofonisba Anguissola

Vibrant Italian Cat Names From Women Scientists

Your cat may be the prime candidate for a female scientist's name. If your cat acts rather brainy and seems to outsmart all the other cats, then you may have a smart cat on your hands. You can pay homage to female Italian scientists by making your cat a namesake for one of these amazing women.

  1. Elena Cattaneo
  2. Eva Mameli
  3. Fabriola Gianotti
  4. Faustina Pignatelli
  5. Laura Bassi
  6. Maria Angela Ardinghelli
  7. Maria Gaetana Agnesi
  8. Rina Monti
  9. Rita Levi-Montalcini
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Energetic Italian Cat Names From Male Scientists

Not to be outdone by the female scientists' names, you can choose a male scientist's name for your male cat. You can opt to use just one of the names, especially if the full name is rather long. Some scientists, like some artists, only went by one name.

  1. Amedeo Avogadro
  2. Galileo Ferraris
  3. Lazzaro Spallanzani
  4. Luigi Galvani
  5. Marcello Mapighi
  6. Santorio
  7. Vilfredo Pareto
  8. Vito Volterra

150 Italian Cat Names That Are Vibrant

When you look over lists of Italian names for cats, you may be inspired. Not only were these amazing and accomplished individuals; they had some pretty cool names.

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150 Vibrant Italian Cat Names