140 Powerful Norwegian Cat Names

Published January 22, 2021
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Norwegian cat names can offer you some very powerful and unique choices for your feline friend. You can review names in lists by gender to find the ideal one for your furry pal.

Male Norwegian Cat Names Meaning Warrior, Leader, or Strength

You can find some great Norwegian cat names for your fierce male warrior cat. You can discover Norwegian cat names that mean leader, warrior, and strength.

  • Aleksander: To defend or help
  • Anders: Manly and strong
  • Arild: Commander
  • Bjørn: Bear
  • Eirik, Erik: King forever
  • Eivind: Happy warrior
  • Fredrik: Peaceful ruler
  • Geir: Spear
  • Gunnar: Warrior
  • Harald: Leader, ruler
  • Håvard: Protector
  • Henrik: Lord of the house
  • Ivar: Archer
  • Jan: Bow warrior
  • Jarle: Noble man, warrior
  • Kim: Warrior chief
  • Lars: Crowned with laurel
  • Magne: Strong
  • Magnus: Greatest
  • Nils: Victory of the people
  • Odd: Blade's edge
  • Reidar: Fighter, warrior
  • Roy: King
  • Sigurd: Guardian
  • Terje: Thor's spear
  • Thor: God of thunder
  • Tor: Strength, Protector of Elder Forest
  • Torbjørn: Thunder bear
  • Tore: Thunder warrior
  • Vidar: Powerful mute god
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Male Norwegian Cat Names That Mean Stone

You can find a powerful male Norwegian cat name that means stone or references a rock/stone. The handful of names give you a few great choices for your male cat.

  • Jostein: Horse stone
  • Øystein: Island rock
  • Pål: Small
  • Per: Stone
  • Petter: Stone
  • Stein: Stone
  • Steinar: Stone guardian

More Male Norwegian Cat Names

More male Norwegian cat names give you a wide range of meanings that may fit your cat's personality. You can test a few on your furry companion to see if there is a positive response before making your decision.

  • Alf: Elf
  • Arne: Eagle
  • Arvid: Forest of eagles
  • Dag: Day
  • Egil: Awe, terror
  • Einar: Alone
  • Espen: God bear
  • Finn: Fair, white
  • Frode: Clever, wise
  • Håkon: High or chosen son
  • Jørgen: George
  • Jørn: Nickname for Jørgen
  • Kåre: Curly
  • Karl: Free man
  • Kenneth: Handsome
  • Kjell: Kettle, helmet
  • Kjetil: Kettle
  • Knut: Knot
  • Leif: Descendant, heir
  • Morten: Martin
  • Oddvar: Cautious
  • Ola: Descendant
  • Olav: Ancestor, descendant
  • Ole: ancestor's descendant
  • Ove: Edge, fear
  • Øyvind: Lucky winner
  • Rolf: Legendary wolf
  • Rune: Secret
  • Simen: Simon
  • Sindre: Sparkling
  • Stian: Wanderer
  • Stig, Stieg: Wanderer
  • Svein: Young man
  • Sverre: Wild, spinning
  • Trond: Grow, thrive
  • Trygve: Trustworthy
  • Vegard: Temple, sanctuary

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Beautiful Female Norwegian Cat Names

Your female cat deserves a beautiful name to pay tribute to her feline beauty. You may find several of the following names appropriate and might end up using more than just one name to honor your lovely kitty.

  • Asta: Love
  • Astrid: Beautiful divine
  • Eira: Merciful
  • Elina: Noble
  • Mina/Minna: Courtly love
  • Natuk: Cute, sweet
  • Nava: Beautiful
  • Tove: Beautiful
  • Trigve: Trustworthy
  • Turid: Beautiful
  • Unn: To love

Mystical Female Norwegian Cat Names

Cats are mystical beings and are often cast in various folklore and mythology as ethereal creatures. A female cat is a prime candidate for a Norwegian mystical name.

  • Blancheflor: Star, behold
  • Borgny: Brightness
  • Erika: Eternal ruler
  • Ineko: Elf
  • Runa: Secret tradition
  • Saga: Fairy tale, story
  • Skadi: Goddess of earth, skiing, winter, giantess of mountain
  • Thora: Goddess of thunder
  • Tordis: Thor's goddess
  • Ylva: She-wolf, female wolf
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Powerful and Unique Female Norwegian Cat Names

Your female cat may be a bit more independent than the average cat. She may exude a power you find unique to her, then you may decide that a female Norwegian name is your best option.

  • Alba: Sun gift, from a place called Aspen
  • Amba: Wakeful
  • Amr: Dark
  • Anniken: Diminutive form of Anna
  • Aundy: New prosperity
  • Benedikte: Blessed
  • Bestla: Smart maiden
  • Birgit: Exalted one
  • Dagny: New day
  • Duri: Sleep
  • Elli: Age
  • Else: Diminutive of Elizabeth
  • Embla: Elm tree
  • Eva: Diminutive of Eve
  • Gull: Gold
  • Kari: Pure
  • Karita: Dear
  • Kolr: Black, coal
  • Lene: Diminutive of Magdalene
  • Linnea: Twinflower, linden or lime tree
  • Nanna: Brave, daring
  • Oili: Blessed
  • Pihka, Pika: To have a crush or be in love with someone
  • Rane: Queen
  • Reidun: Bird nest
  • Sassa: Diminutive of Astrid, divine beauty
  • Sienna: Orange-red
  • Sif: Bride
  • Theresia, Teres, Terese: Huntress, harvester
  • Tregul: Honey
  • Var: Spring, woman
  • Verdandi: Present, happening

Norwegian orange cat

Female Norwegian Cat Names that Mean Protector or Warrior

Your female cat may be a warrior or a fierce protector. If you wish a name that has the meaning of protector, defender, or warrior, then a female Norwegian cat name gives you many options.

  • Aleksia: Defender
  • Alfhild: Battle
  • Annbjørg: Eagle protection
  • Brynje: Armor, protection
  • Eydis: Goddess of good luck
  • Freya: Goddess of beauty, love, fertility, war, sex, and gold
  • Freyja: Lady, goddess Freya
  • Fricka: Protector of children, mother goddess
  • Hertha: Of Earth, life-giving
  • Liv: Protective shelter, life
  • Lovise: Famous warrior
  • Sigrid: Victory, wisdom
  • Siri: Beautiful victory
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Norwegian Cat Names for Unique Cat Monikers

You have an abundance of choices when it comes to Norwegian cat names. You can study each list to determine which name is the best fit for your favorite feline.

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