100+ Exotic Cat Names for Distinctive Pets

Published March 9, 2021
Exotic names for distictive pets

You think that your pet cat is the most stunning creature on the planet. He/she is special and deserves a name as unique and exotic as him/her. One of these exotic cat names is bound to be the one for you.

Exotic cat names

Exotic Cat Names That Come From Spain

Spanish is a country overflowing with beauty and flair. Even their names ooze exotic splendor.

  • Anahi - female name for beautiful
  • Agata - female name meaning good-hearted
  • Bibiana - female name meaning full of life
  • Eugenia - female name meaning woman well-born
  • Eulalia - female name meaning good talker
  • Lavada - female name meaning washed
  • Milagros - female name meaning miracles
  • Nieves - female name meaning born when it snows
  • Lazaro - male name meaning the help of God
  • Teodora - male name meaning gift from God

  • Thiago - male name meaning supplanter

  • Baltasar - male name meaning in God's protection

  • Cariann - male name meaning a darling of all

  • Daza - male name meaning someone diplomatic

  • Eberardo - male name meaning one who possesses bravery

Exotic French Names

Everything French feels fancy and exotic, so of course, these names from Spain are going to rank among the best choices to name a pet.

  • Fleur - female name that means flower
  • Abella - female name that means breath
  • Anais - female name that means grace
  • Dior - female name that means golden
  • Francoise - female name meaning free
  • Esme - female name that means beloved one
  • Verity - female name that means truth
  • Ancelina - female name that means handmaiden
  • Leana - female name that means to twine around
  • Bijoux - unisex name meaning jewel
  • Raimond - means guarded and wise
  • Chapelle - means from the precincts of the chapel
  • Alain - male name meaning handsome
  • Augustin - male name meaning great
  • Lisando - male name meaning freeing a man
  • Oceane - male name meaning ocean
  • Toulouse - male name meaning from Toulouse
French cat looking to camera

Exotic Irish Names

The Irish do a few things very well. They know their brews, equality rights, stews and they gave the world the iconic band U2. They also do exotic names really well.

  • Saoirse (ser-sha) - female name meaning liberty
  • Aoife (ee-fa) - female name meaning beautiful, radiant, and joy
  • Niamh (neev or nee-iv) - female name meaning brightness
  • Clodagh (cloda) - female name for river of the same name
  • Laoise (lee-sha) - female name meaning radiant girl
  • Orlaith (orla) - female name meaning golden princess
  • Dervil - female name meaning daughter
  • Oonagh (oo-na) - female name meaning lamb
  • Oisin (uh-sheen) - male name meaning little deer

  • Cian (kee-an) - male name meaning ancient

  • Darragh (darra) - male name meaning fruitful

  • Senan (sennin) - male name meaning little wise person

  • Odhran (orin) - male name meaning little green one

  • Diarmuid (deer-mid) - male name meaning without enemy

  • Lorcan - male name meaning silent or fierce

Exotic Names From India

Indian names are stunning choices to name any feline that needs an extraordinary name.

  • Vivaan - male name translates to Lord Krishna
  • Shaurya - male name meaning bravery
  • Anik - male name, Sanscrit for soldier
  • Ishaan - male name meaning Lord Shiva
  • Tuhin - male name meaning snow
  • Vijay - male name that translates to victory
  • Esha - female name meaning desire or wish
  • Advika - female name meaning world or earth
  • Bhavna - female name meaning purity
  • Gulika - female name that means pearl
  • Kalk i- female name, means white horse
  • Oishi - female name that means divine
  • Prisha - female name meaning God's gift

Exotic Names That Come From Greek Mythology

The Greeks have given people more than a few gifts, democracy, the Olympics, umbrellas, and more than a few beautiful, exotic names.

  • Aphroditus - unisex name meaning beauty
  • Nikephoros - unisex name meaning carrying victory
  • Zeno - male name that stems from Zeus
  • Cronus - male name that means to cut

  • Perseus - male name meaning to destroy

  • Adonis - male name meaning lord and handsome

  • Eros - male name meaning love

  • Faustus - male name meaning lucky

  • Kal - male name meaning strong

  • Brontes - male name meaning thunder

  • Lycus - male name meaning wolf

  • Alala - female name meaning battle cry

  • Euanthe - female name meaning mother of the three Graces

  • Ligeia - female name meaning a siren

  • Acantha - female name meaning a nymph loved by Apollo

  • Circe - female name meaning bird

  • Pandora - female name meaning all gifts

  • Artemis - female name meaning safe

Exotic cat portrait

Exotic Female Names That "Stem" From Nature

Nature is full of wonder and so many objects in the natural world make perfect, exotic names for pet cats.

  • Acacia - Greek for thorny tree
  • Amaryllis - Greek for fresh and sparkling
  • Astrid - Scandinavian for fair, beautiful goddess
  • Azalea - Greek for dry
  • Calantha - Greek for beautiful flower
  • Bryony - Greek for climbing plant
  • Gaia - Greek for earth
  • Jasmine - Persian for the jasmine flower
  • Luna - Latin for the moon
  • Peregrine - Latin for wanderer
  • Sahara - Arabic for desert
  • Sequoia - Native American for sparrow
  • Stella - Latin for star
  • Ember - English for smoldering remains of a fire
  • Solaris - Latin for of the sun

Exotic Male Names That "Stem" From Nature

These names are interesting, exotic, and excellent choices for a male cat.

  • Pheonix - Greek for a bird that rose from the ashes
  • Adan - Spanish for earth
  • Adair - Gaelic for oak tree meadow
  • Adler - Teutonic for eagle
  • Admon - Israeli for eagle
  • Adriel - Native American for beaver
  • Aheard - Celtic for Lord of the horses
  • Aland - English for bright as the sun
  • Aleser - Arabic for lion
  • Aren - Nigerian for eagle

Choose a Name That Speaks to You

Of course, you want everyone to love your kitty's name as much as you do, but the most important thing is that you love what you have chosen. So long as you are content with his/her name, nothing else truly matters.

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100+ Exotic Cat Names for Distinctive Pets