18 Christmas Chicken Decor Ideas to Cluck-In The Holidays

From Christmas chicken ornaments to chicken-themed ugly sweaters, these are sure to add an egg-stra special touch of cheer that guests will flock to.

Published December 1, 2023
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Christmas chicken decoration

If you're a chicken lover with an affinity for Christmas, these Christmas chicken decorations are sure to be on the list this year. From an inflatable outdoor hen wearing a Santa hat to an ugly (yet adorable) chicken Christmas sweater you can't help but cluckle at, these festive decorations will put you right in the holiday spirit. So start making your list and chicken it twice, because these incredible decorations will guarantee you have a holly jolly Chickmas.

Everyone needs an ugly Christmas sweater in their closet, and this chicken-themed one is a staple for cluckleheads. It features a silkie chicken, which is probably one of the strangest-looking chicken breeds out there, though they're certainly not ugly by any means. But what's extra cute is that the chicken is wearing its own Christmas sweater and even has tufts of furry hair that stick out. We love a 3D holiday sweater!


What's a Christmas village display without a chicken coop? This Department 56 figurine will add a touch of homestead whimsy to any display, no matter how big or small it is.

Inflatable yard decorations are always a crowd-pleaser, and this outdoor inflatable Christmas chicken definitely hits the mark. It's over five feet tall, lights up, and features a cute striped scarf and Santa hat. It's giving "Most Popular House on the Block" vibes, don't you think? I can see everyone stopping by to snap a pic with this cutie!

Adorn your tree with cute poultry-themed ornaments like this one. Not only does it feature a chicken coop, but each miniature, life-like chicken has a little egg, too. You don't have to have a coop of your own to love this festive chicken ornament.


If you do have chickens of your own and they're OK with costumes, get them involved in the holiday spirit. This pack of Christmas chicken hats, scarves, and bowties is almost too cute to be real. Each of the eight pieces you receive is adjustable to fit your hen comfortably. And if you're worried about whether they'll work, take it from one Amazon reviewer who raved, "Easy to put on, they stayed on, and the flock looked adorable!"

Fast Fact

Pets dressed up in costume are unquestionably cute, but if your chickens become stressed out while wearing these Santa hats, remove them right away.

If you're a coop keeper who lives someplace too warm for sweaters, or you're just more of a t-shirt person, this "Merry Chickmas" shirt is a great holiday option. It has a simple design with a hen wearing a Santa hat and a few decorative swirls and snowflakes throughout to give it a little holiday cheer. Could you wear this to an ugly sweater party? We don't see why not!

The tree isn't the only thing that needs a little touch of magic around the holidays. Add some Cluckmas cheer to your couch with a chicken "Merry Christmas" pillow. The heavy fabric can be used indoors or even on an outdoor chair. This pillow features a Jersey giant chicken, but Wayfair also has the same design, except with a Friesian chicken, Serama chicken, and several other breeds. Mix and match them until you have an entire flock!


An easy way to add a little Christmas cheer to your home is by hanging a holiday door covering. But this one isn't like most. When hung correctly, it looks like three festive hens are peeking out your door. You might think we're yolking, but we're absolutely not!

Most people put reindeer in their yard, but you'll definitely stand out from the rest of the flock with light-up chickens. These 3D Christmas chicken decorations each have a scarf, Santa hat, and bough of holly, which makes them extra festive. They're the perfect size to line a walkway to your front door or dress up your balcony.

Glass blown ornaments are adored for good reason. They're elegant, stunning, and won't weigh down your tree. You can't go wrong with this classic chicken ornament on your Christmas tree, or consider gifting it to someone else in your life who is just as passionate about poultry.


Embrace the enchantment of the holiday season with a Christmas nutcracker featuring three French hens perched whimsically on its head. This unique and festive addition brings a touch of playful charm to your home, infusing the space with the joy and spirit of Christmas. Beyond its decorative allure, this nutcracker serves as a delightful conversation starter, eliciting smiles from guests who appreciate the unexpected and imaginative touch of being a chicken lover. As a symbol of merriment and shared moments, this festive nutcracker not only enhances your holiday decor but also encapsulates the heartwarming essence of celebrating with loved ones.

Introduce a rustic and charming touch to your Christmas decor with a hen figurine that exudes warmth and simplicity. The rustic aesthetic of the hen figurine adds a cozy and inviting element to your holiday setting, infusing a sense of tradition and comfort. Placing this quaint ornament amidst your festive decorations evokes a nostalgic ambiance, reminding everyone of the joys of the season and the pleasures of home. Whether perched on a mantel, nestled among greenery, or adorning a tabletop, the rustic hen figurine becomes a delightful centerpiece, embodying the spirit of Christmas with its timeless appeal.

Picture each day leading up to the holiday as a little surprise waiting behind the barn doors — perhaps a tiny chicken or a mini Santa, adding an extra layer of excitement to the countdown. The combination of these feathered friends and the iconic Santa figure creates a heartwarming tableau that appeals to both young and old, making your home the go-to spot for seasonal joy. The Christmas barn advent calendar not only sparks anticipation but also becomes a cherished part of your holiday traditions, ensuring that each day is filled with a touch of sweet surprise and festive merriment.


This Christmas, break away from tradition and let your festive spirit take flight with a chicken-shaped wreath! Beyond the usual evergreen circles, a poultry-inspired wreath adds a whimsical touch to your decor, infusing your home with laughter and joy. Celebrate the season with a cluckin' good twist, as the quirky shape brings a delightful surprise to your guests. It's a feathered phenomenon that promises to hatch smiles and make your holiday decor truly eggstraordinary!

Even Hallmark agrees – chicken-themed Christmas decor is absolutely fabulous! With a quirky charm that transcends tradition, these feathered friends bring a whimsical flair to the holiday season. Hallmark's embrace of chicken-centric ornaments and decorations reflects the universal appeal of these clucking companions, adding a playful and endearing element to their festive collections. So, why not follow the trend and add their winter chicken keepsake to your list this year?

For every cluckhead in need of cozy joy, a soft blanket adorned with chickens sporting Christmas hats is an absolute essential! This whimsical creation not only envelops you in warmth but also adds a generous dose of humor and holiday spirit. Embrace the delightful fusion of comfort and festive cheer, making every snuggle session a cluckin' good time. It's the perfect accessory for those who appreciate a touch of whimsy and feathered flair in their moments of relaxation.


Elevate your Christmas decor with a feathered twist by adding a chicken-themed stocking! The quirky charm of these stockings brings a playful touch to the festive atmosphere. It's a cluckin' good time that combines tradition with whimsy, making your holiday celebrations uniquely delightful and adding a dash of personality to your seasonal festivities.

And, finally, thinking of stocking-stuffers, these chicken-themed Christmas dishtowels are a fun and funny addition to any stocking. Not only are they adorable, but people just love them, with 4.6 out of 5 stars from purchasers.

Christmas Chicken Décor for Every Feather Fanatic

With the holidays around the corner, it's never too late to add a few Christmas chickens to your decorations. Deck your home out in the things that make you happy, whatever that may be. And if you love chickens, you can never have enough. After all, it's all chicken math, right?

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18 Christmas Chicken Decor Ideas to Cluck-In The Holidays