160 Parakeet Names as Bright & Brilliant as Your Pet

Published March 18, 2021
160 parakeet names

Parakeet names can be pint-sized or bigger than life. Many of the parakeet names are gender specific, zany, or take on the persona of real pirates.

Unisex Parakeet Names

Unisex parakeet names can offer you an easy choice when it comes to selecting the right name for your parakeet. You can try out a few of the names to see if your parakeet reacts to one.

  • Chipper
  • Frisbee
  • Miami
  • Munchkin
  • Nomad
  • Peep
  • Peg Leg
  • Skylark
  • Starlight
  • Yoyo

Cool Female Parakeet Names

You may want a catchy, but cool parakeet name for a female. A time tested female name will add a touch of charm to your feathery friend.

  • Ava
  • Bella
  • Betty sue
  • Ella
  • Evie
  • Gracie
  • June
  • Lacey
  • Lizzie
  • Mae
  • Rose
  • Suz

Strong Male Parakeet Names

You may want a strong name that will stand up to your fierce, winged bud. You can choose a name that any baby bird can grow into.

  • Atlas
  • BamBam
  • Bear
  • Bubba
  • Buzz
  • Clark Kent
  • Cliff
  • Diablo
  • Hercules
  • Sinbad
  • Thor
  • Zeus
Close-Up Of parakeet

Zany Parakeet Names

You may not want a typical name for your parakeet. You can find what you want from a list of zany and quirky names.

  • Aladdin
  • Avenger
  • Big Bird
  • Birdie
  • Boo Boo
  • Bubba
  • Bubbles
  • Bubbly
  • Chickadee
  • Cuckoo
  • Dimples
  • Dino
  • Dodo
  • Echo
  • Egghead
  • Hawk
  • Helicopter
  • Ironman
  • Java
  • Jewel
  • Keet
  • Kite
  • Little Mama
  • Sailor
  • Yogi Bear

Find Your Parakeet Name From a List of Pirates

Whether you want a female or male name, there are several real pirate names of both genders. Once you find the right name for your parakeet, you'll need to train her/him to sit on your shoulder like their famous cousins while you share a pirate tale or two.

  • Anne Bonny
  • Bartholomew Roberts
  • Benjamin Hornigold
  • Blackbeard
  • Calico Jack
  • Captain Flint
  • Charles Vane
  • Drake (Sir Francis)
  • Edward England
  • Edward Low
  • Grace O'Malley
  • Henry Morgan
  • Jean Laffite
  • Long John Silver
  • Mary Read
  • Peter Easton
  • Richard Worley
  • Samuel Bellamy
  • Stede Bonnet
  • Thomas Tew

Parakeet Names to Cuddle With

Letting your cute parakeet snuggle up and cuddle with you is a great way to get to know your pet. These affectionate birds deserve a cute name to cuddle with.

  • Cuddle Angel
  • Cuddle Babe
  • Cuddle Bel
  • Cuddle Bug
  • Cuddle Bun
  • Cuddle Bunny
  • Cuddle Dee
  • Cuddle Lamb
  • Cuddle Muffin
  • Cuddle Zee
  • Cuddlee
  • Cuddles
  • Cuddly Bee
  • Cuddly Boo
  • Cuddly Poo
Portrait of two cute cuddling parakeets perched on branch

Parakeet Names as Sweet as Honey

You can name your adorable parakeet a sweet name that will drip off the tongue like honey. In fact, honey is just the start of these sugary names.

  • Hon
  • Honey
  • Honeybee
  • Honey Boo
  • Honey Buzz
  • Honeycomb
  • Honeydew
  • Honey Bear
  • Honey Bunch
  • Honey Bunny
  • Honey Girl
  • Honey Boy
  • Honey Love
  • Honey Muffin
  • Honey Pie

It's All About the Love

Of course, you love your sweet parakeet. What's not to love? It only stands to reason that a name with the word love in it makes a good choice and one you'll cherish.

  • Gime Love
  • L'il love
  • La Love
  • Lotta Love
  • Love Angel
  • Love Bear
  • Love Bug
  • Love Bunny
  • Love Heart
  • Love Muffin
  • Love Nugget
  • Lovelace
  • Lovelee
  • Lovell
  • Lovalena
  • Lovelyn
  • Lovet
  • Loveuns
  • Lovey
  • Luvs

Names of Tropical Places for Parakeet Names

Tropical names of places you've visited or dream of seeing can offer inspiration for a pet parakeet name. You can choose from several tropical places to find the best name for your parakeet.

  • Abacos
  • Aruba
  • Bali
  • Belize
  • Bermuda
  • Bora Bora
  • Cancun
  • Fiji
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Kauai
  • Key West
  • Maya
  • Nassau
  • Rica
  • Rio
  • Riviera
  • St Barts
  • St Kitts
  • Tahiti
Parakeets in tropic

Parakeet Names for a Baby Bird

If you want a cute name for a baby bird, look no further. Any of these names will still be cool when your little bird grows up.

  • Babe
  • Babes
  • Baby
  • Baby Angel
  • Baby Boo
  • Baby Girl
  • Baby Boy
  • Baby Cakes
  • Baby Doll
  • Baby Love
  • Babealicious

Find Dynamic Choices for Parakeet Names

Exciting and dynamic parakeet names give you more choices for your pet's name. With so many choices, you're sure to find a name that expresses how you feel about your feathery companion.

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160 Parakeet Names as Bright & Brilliant as Your Pet