100+ Funny Duck Names That Are Sure to Quack You Up

Whipping up funny duck names is quacking good fun, whether you're christening your own feathery friends or the quack pack at the pond!

Published January 25, 2024
Girl with eyes closed hugging farm duck

Back when my kiddos were little, they had this hilarious knack for picking out the most unexpected names for their pets. Take, for instance, my oldest son — he named his cat Lloyd! It's not a weird name for a human, but for a cat, it's pretty silly. We still get a good laugh out of that one, even though we absolutely love it. For all you lucky duck owners out there, or even if you just want to name the local pond gang, why not keep the fun rolling? Dream up some funny, quack-tastic names for your feathered friends.

Superhero Duck Names

Turn your duck buddies into superheroes! They kind of are anyway, right? They fly, they talk in a secret language, and they're fiesty when there's danger afoot. 

  • AquaDuck 

  • Black Widow Duck 

  • Captain Quack 

  • Captain Quackmerica

  • Cybird

  • DuckPool 

  • Feather Fury
  • Featherine
  • Flash Fowl
  • James Pond
  • Hawkeye Honker 
  • Iron Beak
  • Paddle Woman
  • Quackman 
  • Quack Lantern
  • Quack Marvel
  • Quack Panther
  • Spider-Duck
  • Superduck
  • The Green Waddler
  • The Incredible Quack
  • The Mighty Mallard
  • Webby Wondergirl
  • Web-Waddler
  • Wonder Waddle

Fancy Funny Duck Names

Pet duck

If your duck is absolutely fantabulous, they deserve a fancy, funny duck name. Try these distinguished names and see if any fit!

  • Baronet Bubbles Quackenbush
  • Count Duckula the Dapper
  • Countess Flapperina
  • Countess Quackmire Elegance
  • Duchess Waddleworth
  • Duckington the Third
  • Duke Daffy D'Quack
  • Duke of Waddleton
  • Fluffy McDuck
  • Lady Beakatrice
  • Lady Duckasaurus
  • Lady Featherbottom
  • Lady Webby Waddlesworth
  • Lord Puddlefoot the Wise
  • Madame Quackbelle
  • Marchioness Downyfeather
  • Marquess Mallardina
  • Moby Duck
  • Princess Splash-a-lot
  • Quackmire
  • Sir Ducky McDuckface
  • Sir Featherby Waddlington
  • Sir Quackers McQuack
  • Sir Quacks-a-Lot
  • Sir Quackington the Elegant
  • Sir Waddlesworth
  • Viscount Swimswell
  • Baron von Quackenstein

Ridiculously Long Funny Duck Names

Have you ever had someone introduce you to their pet, and their name is a never-ending number of syllables? 

  • Admiral Archibald Aflapper, Commander of the Quack Fleet
  • Archibald Flapster McDuckingham, the Grand
  • Bartholomew Bubbles Quackenfeather, Esq.
  • Countess Gertrude Waddlequack of Swansdowne
  • Dame Gwendolyn Beaksnapper of Marshwood Estates
  • Dr. Quackenbush Waddlestein, Feathered Genius
  • Duchess Daphne Duckalina Delightful Beaksworth
  • Lady Arabella Fluffington-Quackmore of Duckford Manor
  • Lady Beatrice Waddleworth of Pondshire
  • Lady Josephine Jemima Puddleduck, Mistress of the Misty Marsh
  • Lady Lavinia Featherquill Longbeak of Duckhollow
  • Montgomery Mallard Maximus, Duke of Duckyard
  • Percival Peckington Plumebottom the Poetic
  • Princess Penelope Paddlesplash, Heiress of Pondington
  • Professor Percival Puddlejumper, the Magnificent
  • Sir Benedict Bobblebeak the Brave, Guardian of the Reeds
  • Sir Quackington Featherington III, Esquire
  • Sir Reginald Paddleton McWebfoot, Keeper of the Lake
  • The Honorable Sir Drake Dabblerington of Quacksbury
  • The Marquess of Quackleberry, Purveyor of Fine Ponds
Quick Tip

No worries if the name's as long as a duck's waddle — you can come up with a shorter nickname!

Funny Girl Names For Your Ducks Out Back

Smiling Girl holding duckling on farm

Some pet parents stick to one gender or the other, usually females. If you have a full flock full of females, check out these names for your feathered friends.

  • Featherina Ballerina
  • Flutterina Flap
  • Lillypad Lulu
  • Misty Feathers
  • Pecky Penelope
  • Peeplette
  • Puddle Waddles

  • Splashy Susie

  • Sudsy

  • Swimmerella

  • Tweedle Dee

  • Waddle Dee

Funny Boy Names for Your Duck Inspired By Pop Culture

If you love movies, celebrities, famous books, or all of the above, consider naming your quacky buds a funny name based on pop culture. 

  • Aflac
  • Bill Quackman
  • Charlie Quacklin
  • Clint Duckwood
  • Duck Cheney
  • Duck Norris
  • Duck Skywalker
  • Duck Vader
  • Duckleberry Finn
  • Ducky McDuckface
  • Hugh Quackman
  • Pekin Skywalker
  • Quack Efron
  • Quackie Chan
  • Quack Sparrow
  • Quackenstein
  • Quackula

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Picking Out The Perfect Name

Choosing a funny duck name can be a delightful and creative process. Remember, the goal is to choose a name that not only suits your duck but also brings a bit of joy and humor every time you call it out.

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100+ Funny Duck Names That Are Sure to Quack You Up