120 Marvelous Pet Goldfish Names

Updated September 20, 2021
Close-Up Of Goldfish Swimming In Fish Tank

Traditional goldfish names, such as Goldie, Skipper, Blackie, and Bubbles, have long been popular names chosen by fish owners. However, recent trends show many goldfish aficionados are naming their pets more creatively. Get some naming inspiration from these lists.

Human Names for Goldfish

It used to be a rare occurrence to find a pet named after a human, such as Roger, Fred, Myrtle, or Bertha, but now it's trendy to use baby names for fish.

Traditional Men's Names

Name your goldfish after an important man in your life or give them an ironic human name.

  • Ace - Whether you're a Kiss fan or your goldfish just plain rocks, you can't go wrong naming them Ace.
  • Adonis - This is perfect for the buff-looking fish, or it's an ironic name for a tiny guy.
  • Billy - Go for the standalone classic or add "Bob" to the end.
  • Butch - It's perfect for the bully type.
  • Ebenezer - If you've got a grumpy fish, this name might suit them well.
  • Eugene - Use a nerdy name for the scrawny or brainy Oranda.
  • George - it's an average name for an average goldfish.
  • Lewis - This is a great name for fish who love to explore their surroundings.
  • Rocky - A perfect name for any fish with an athletic build.

Traditional Women's Names

Give your fish a feminine name that speaks volumes about their personality.

  • Amelia - An elegant name for an equally elegant fish.
  • Beatrice - Consider "Beezus" as a nickname.
  • Bertha - Robust goldfish might affectionately be called "Big Bertha."
  • Edna - The old lady of goldfish, this name suits a pet you expect to live a long life.
  • Emily - This name could fit a meticulously organized fish.
  • Gertrude - Call them "Gerty" for short.
  • Grace - A particularly graceful fish would suit this name.
  • Gretchen - This German name translates to "pearl."
  • Harriet - The female version of Henri.
  • Iris - The name of a beautiful flower.
  • Olga - This name captures the stoic look of many goldfish.
  • Rose - This name could fit a fragrant fish (either pleasant smelling or the contrary).
  • Sue - It's the female equivalent to George.

Aquatic Inspired Names

Because your new finned friend lives under the sea, it can be fun to give them an ocean-inspired name. Try any or all of these names out to see if they suit your little goldfish.

  • Finn - For those goldfish that have particularly fancy fins.
  • Finley - A play on the name Finn.
  • Skipper - For a bossy fish who looks like they could captain a ship.
  • Algae - Name your new friend after the organisms that grow in water.
  • Bubbles - A classic name for a fish that enjoys blowing bubbles.
  • Ginger - Pay homage to your orange fish's ginger coloring.
  • Shrimp - Perfect for a particularly tiny goldfish.
  • Flounder - Name your fish after Ariel's sidekick.
  • Sebastian - Another fun name from The Little Mermaid.
  • Splash - Well-suited for any fish that's an underwater dancer.
  • Playa - En Espanol, this name translates to "beach."
  • Bay - A great name for a fish that's your bae (it's also a small body of water).
  • Flipper - Splish splash, this name is perfect for the goldfish that makes waves.
  • Neptune - Name your fish after the Roman god of the seas.
  • Poseidon - The Greek god of the sea.
  • Squirt - Suitable for a tiny, petite fish.
  • Coral - An elegant name, after the underwater structures that make up reefs.
  • Orca - An ironic name for a goldfish, given that Orcas are killer whales!
  • Typhoon - Consider this for a destructive goldfish.
  • Marina - A common human name as well as the name of a harbor for boats.
  • Ocean - For the goldfish whose personality is as vast as the ocean.
  • Pearl - A name as elegant as this natural, underwater gem.
Goldfish background of aquatic plants

Celebrity Goldfish Names

Naming your aquatic pet after a famous person can be a great compliment or might serve to poke fun at pop culture.

Olympic Swimmer Names

Since fish are among the greatest swimmers in the world, why not name yours after the human equivalent?

  • Phelps - Named after USA Olympian Michael Phelps.
  • Lochte - Pay homage to the great Ryan Lochte.
  • Spitz - A spunky name for a spunky fish inspired by Mark Spitz.
  • Dara - This simple, yet uncommon name comes from U.S. swimmer Dara Torres.
  • Otto - Kristin Otto's last name works great as a first name for a pet.
  • Popov - Russian swimmer Alexander Popov lends his name to intense goldfish.
  • MacNeil - The last name of the victorious Canadian swimmer, Maggie MacNeil, who didn't realize she'd won gold without her glasses in the pool.

Famous Captains

Take a unique approach to the water theme and name your pet after a famous captain.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow - Use the whole name or shorten it to Sparrow for the same effect.
  • Captain Barbossa - Another captain of the Black Pearl.
  • Ahab - Drop the "Captain" for a less obvious tribute.
  • Captain America - He might not be a sea captain, but this Avenger name is ideal for a fish in top shape.
  • Captain Hook - An ironic yet whimsical name for a fish, after the captain from Peter Pan.
  • Cap'n Crunch - Perfect for a goldfish who enjoys tasty snacks.
  • Kirk - Only other trekkies will get that you didn't name them after a family member.
  • Captain Morgan - Whatever their gender, this name suits fish who like to have a good time.
  • Mal - Name a flirty fish after the iconic captain of the Serenity spacecraft, Malcolm Reynolds aka. Captain Tight Pants.
  • The Captain - Be sure to name their companion Tennille.

Famous Redhead Names

If you've got an orange goldfish, go for the obvious and name them after a famous redhead.

  • Lucy - The funny-looking goldfish with this name gives a nod to comedienne Lucille Ball.
  • Isla - This aquatic-sounding name is inspired by actress Isla Fisher.
  • Florence - For the fish who like to rock out, name them after the band Florence and the Machine.
  • Ginger Spice - Take inspiration from the red-headed Spice Girl for a fish with a big personality.
  • Rupert or Ron - Actor Rupert Grint is famous for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, so his real or character name will do. Name your whole tank after the red-headed Weasley family members: Molly, Arthur, Percy, Ginny, Fred, George, Bill, and Charlie.
  • Prince Harry - Regal goldfish deserve a royal name like that of this ginger prince.
  • Archie - A freckled goldfish would fit this name that both fans of the original Archie Comics and new Riverdale TV series would recognize.
  • Conan O'Brien - Got a fish with a dry sense of humor? Name them after this ginger talk show host.
  • Reba - This name, after country queen Reba McEntire, would suit a boisterous fish.
  • Molly Ringwald - Your fish doesn't have to look pretty in pink to earn this name, but it wouldn't hurt.
  • Carrot Top - For those goldfish that have you doubled over laughing, this name might work.
  • Peter Pan - Try just Peter or simply Pan for a fish that never wants to grow up.
  • Ariel - Arguably the most well-known and aquatic redhead of all.

Animated Celebrity Goldfish

Just as you might name your child after your favorite celebrity, you could name your goldfish after your favorite famous goldfish.

  • Cleo - Geppetto's pet fish from the movie Pinocchio is full of character and opinions.
  • Darwin Watterson - This goldfish with legs from the show The Amazing World of Gumball is the epitome of an optimist.
  • Dorothy - Elmo's pet goldfish is named Dorothy and is naturally cute and friendly.
  • Fish Out of Water - This Chicken Little sidekick is a courageous goldfish living on land with a SCUBA helmet filled with water.
  • Nemo - Although he's not a goldfish, Nemo is a famous orange fish.
  • Ponyo - From the movie of the same name, this title character is a spin on Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
Freshwater fish

Funny Goldfish Names

Goldfish can live for quite a while if they are cared for properly, so give them a fun name you won't get tired of saying.

  • Cheeto - Goldfish with lots of textures look like this cheesy snack.
  • Fanny - It's a great name for your fantail.
  • Google - Give your telescope goldfish this moniker because of their googly eyes.
  • Nacho - As in "That's Nacho (not your) goldfish!"
  • Peepers - This is another good name for goldfish with the huge, telescope eyes.
  • Xtra Cheddar - This name describes a vividly orange fish and also one of the many flavors of Goldfish Crackers.
  • Gingersnap - Perfect for a snappy or spicy goldfish.
  • Sushi - For those owners with a morbid sense of humor.
  • Wasabi - Need a condiment to go with your sushi?
  • Jaws - Duuun dun ... duuun dun ...
  • Gulp - If your little guy is nervous, this silly name would suit them.
  • Brainy - Great for an Oranda goldfish with a large-looking brain.

Goldfish Pun Names

If you're a punny soul who loves plays on words, consider some of these pun-tastic goldfish names.

  • Elton Prawn - Elton John
  • Cod Stewart - Rod Stewart
  • Sea-line Dion - Celine Dion
  • Finnie Mouse - Minnie Mouse
  • Sea-bastian - Sebastian
  • Billie Ei-fish - Billie Eilish
  • Katie Current - Katie Couric
  • Jessica Shrimpson - Jessica Simpson
  • James Pond - The name's Bond, James Bond
  • Han Sole-o - Han Solo
  • Mussel Crowe - Russel Crowe
  • Sea-nnamon - Cinnamon
  • El-fish Presley - Elvis Presley

Fruit Inspired Names for Goldfish

The names of fruit make cute and clever names for pets, so why not name your goldfish after a delicious orange produce?

  • Mango - Juicy and a cute name for an orange fish.
  • Orange - You can't get more orange than an ... orange.
  • Tangerine - Another sweet fruit and equally sweet name.
  • Pumpkin - This is not a fruit, but it's still an iconic orange food.
  • Persimmon - A tree fruit that's not as widely known as most.
  • Peach - Lovers of this fruit might like to name their fish after it.
  • Peaches - A Southern-sounding version of Peach.
  • Peaches n' Cream - For those goldfish that are orange and white in coloring.
  • Apricot - A smaller orange fruit name for a smaller fish.
  • Papaya - Papayas aren't for everyone's taste, just like this name.
  • Nectarine - Though a cousin of the Peach, this name is just as sweet.
  • Cantaloupe - Name your fish after the flesh of this sweet melon.
  • Kumquat - A cute name for a petite fish, or an ironic name for a large one.
  • Mandarin - A variety of oranges.
  • Clementine - Another orange variety, and a popular human name.

Cute Goldfish Names

Goldfish names are personal choices that usually mean a lot to the owner. Find inspiration for goldfish names in a baby-naming book, from orange foods and objects, or make a play on words of your fish's species or physical features.

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120 Marvelous Pet Goldfish Names