60+ Dog Walking Business Names to Launch Your New Career

Choose a great dog walking business name for your new company that reflects who you are, what you do, and where you serve.

Published March 27, 2023
Professional dog walkers in the park

Dog walking is an excellent business, whether you're pursuing it as a full-time job or side hustle. The name of your company serves as a first impression for potential clients and can give them insight into your services, the area you serve, and your personality. Choose a great name that embodies everything you represent and also has a nice ring to it. These ideas will get your creative juices flowing, so you can find the perfect dog walker business name for you.

Classic Name Ideas

You can't go wrong with a traditional business name. Personalize these dog walking name ideas with your name, city, or neighborhood to let clients know exactly who you are and what you do.

  • Dog Walking by [your name]
  • Safety First Dog Walking
  • [Your city/town name] Dog Walkers
  • Top Quality Dog Walking
  • [Your initials] Dog Walking Services
  • At Your Service Dog Walkers
  • [Your neighborhood] Dog Walking Club
  • Elite Dog Walkers
  • Dog Lovers Walking Services
  • Walks Led by [your name]
  • [Your area] Metropawlitan Dog Walker
  • Professional [your area] Dog Walking Services
Quick Tip

Incorporating powerful terms like "Elite," "Top Notch," or "Professional" can let dog owners know they're hiring the best of the best to walk their beloved pet.

Funny and Cute Names for Your Business

Depending on your personality, you might want to choose a business name that's a little lighter or even funny. A dog walking business name that incorporates puns, alliteration, or rhyming might be more your vibe. These super cute names will also grab attention on fliers and your business card.

  • Happy Paws
  • Sit, Stay, Walk
  • Central Bark Walkers
  • Doggy Doodles Walking
  • Wet Nose Dog Walkers
  • Pup of Tea Pup Walkers
  • Lucky Leashes
  • Doggone Great Walkers
  • Pampered Pups
  • Pet Huggers Services
  • Yappy Pup Walkers
  • Barkin' Up the Right Tree
  • The Ulitmutt Dog Walker
  • Park Patrol Dog Walking
  • Potty Time Pooch Walkers
  • Wake and Walk
  • Walking Pawty Dog Walkers
  • Dog Daze
  • Friends Furever Dog Walking
  • Smiley Dogs Walking Business
  • Doggy Waddles Dog Walking
  • Pawsivitely Perfect
  • Hair of the Dog Walkers
  • Don't Worry, Be Yappy
  • Pawsome Dog Walking
  • Bark in the Park
  • Pups and Pals Dog Walking
  • No Worries Dog Walkers
  • Homeward Bound
  • Happy Pooch

Creative Dog Walking Side Hustle Names

Don't be afraid to get creative when coming up with a name for your dog walking company. You can use idioms or plays on quotes as part of your name to give your clients a chuckle. Maybe even incorporate your own dog's name into it for a more personal touch. The pawsibilities are endless!

  • Dog Walking Warriors
  • Pavement Pounders
  • Movin' Mutts
  • Wonderfur Walkers
  • Walk in the Park Dog Walking
  • Tails and Trails
  • We Do it For You Dog Walking
  • Walking Wizard
  • Totally Pawsome Walkers
  • City Dog Strollers
  • Watchful Walkers
  • Waggin' Walkers
  • Happy Paws Dog Walkers
  • City Pooch Steppers
  • Wolf Pack Walkers
  • Wags & Walks
  • Stay Pawsitive Walkers
  • A Walk Above the Rest
  • Wacky Walkers
  • Critter Company Dog Walkers

Tips for Naming Your Dog Walking Business

Still not sure what to name your dog walking business? Consider these tips for picking the right name for your business.

  • Pick a name that reflects you and what you do. Think about the impression you'd like your name to give and how it can reflect your personality or style. Is there a pet name you like to call your canine clients, like "Buddy" or "Puppers"? Use that as your signature word and incorporate it into your business name.
  • Consider other services. Do you want to offer other services in addition to dog walking? if you're also a pet sitter, incorporate "Pet Sitting" into your name to let clients know you do both.
  • Make a list of your top choices. Find all the names you like and write them down. Take a look at them in different fonts and say them out loud several times. See how the name feels for you. Is this something you could see yourself saying when you introduce yourself to potential clients or answer the phone?
  • Ask for input. Although this is your business, it can be helpful to test your contenders out on others. Confide in friends or existing clients you trust and ask them, "If you had to choose one of these dog walking businesses solely based on the name, which would you choose? Which would you not choose? Why?"
  • Confirm the name is not already taken. Once you've found your top few names, you'll need to confirm they don't already exist. Do an online search to find your state's business filing agency (it's usually the secretary of state), and search for the business name to see if anyone has already registered it. Also check to see if the domain name is available if you'd like to set up a website.
  • Claim it as your own. Have you settled on the perfect dog walking business name and confirmed it's available? Great! Now claim it as your own, so no one else can use it, and take the necessary steps to register your business name.

Run a Successful Dog Walker Business with a Great Name

Of course, a catchy name isn't the only thing you need to start a dog walking business. You'll need to gain experience with different types of dogs, understand what to do in the case of an emergency, settle on your rates, and advertise your services. Still, coming up with a name you love will get you one step closer to making this fulfilling career a reality.

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60+ Dog Walking Business Names to Launch Your New Career