Meet the Löwchen: A Little Lion With a Playful Heart

Published March 5, 2021
Lowchen or Little Lion Dog

The Löwchen is known as the "Little Lion Dog" because his adorable haircut resembles a lion. This breed is a member of the Bichon group, a wonderful companion animal and family pet. The small dog needs regular, daily brushing and an average amount of exercise.

Löwchen Breed Overview

The Löwchen originated in France and Germany. This breed is cheerful, intelligent, and eager to learn. The dog is known as a lovable family pet and even-tempered. He quickly learns manners and is anxious to please his pet parents. The small breed does well in obedience, and he is also an excellent therapy dog.

Origin and History

The "Little Lion Dog" or Löwchen's origin occurred in France or Germany in the sixteenth century. The dog's ancestors are from the Bichon group, yet little data exists to confirm this, and this breed appears in a Goya painting of a duchess of Arabia. The breed's original role was as a family pet with some watchdog duties. The Löwchen's numbers dwindled in the 1960s, and he was considered the rarest breed in existence.


The breed is known as sensitive and gentle with his pet parents. The Löwchen is a loyal family pet, and his original role hundreds of years ago has not changed a lot. This dog is a comical, reliable, and loving pet.

Cute lowchen dog


This small, bright, and lively dog originated as a companion breed in pre-Renaissance Europe, where ladies of the court groomed it in the likeness of a little lion.

  • Coat colors: Löwchen coat colors vary and include solid black, white, and lemon.
  • Height: This small breed is between 12 and 14 inches tall.
  • Weight: The dog weighs between eight and 18 pounds.
Little Lion Dog looks aside


The lion cut is the preferred grooming technique for the Löwchen. What exactly is a lion clip? Pet parents may enjoy trimming the coat to about one-eighth inch on specific body parts of the dog. This clip is also known as the "King of the Pride."

  • Choose a blade size. Popular choices are No. 10 and No. 15 blades, which clip close to the body. Start just behind the last rib and incorporate the whole back leg down to the hock.
  • Clip the front leg with your chosen blade size. Clip from just below the elbow to a line level with the start of the hair left at the hock on the back leg.
  • Clip two-thirds of the tail with your blade from the base up, leaving a plumage on the end.
  • Comb all plumage.


The Löwchen needs an average amount of exercise for good health and enjoys one long daily walk. The small breed does well at obedience and may perform tricks. This little dog enjoys a large backyard.

Colorful Lowchen dog

Health Concerns

The Löwchen is a generally healthy breed with a few possible medical issues. The careful breeding program of the 1970s is the reason this dog is so healthy.

  • Cataracts
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Patellar luxation

Diet for Small Breeds

All tiny breeds need to eat high-quality diets. There are several small breed diets to choose from, and your vet may help you determine the right food for your Löwchen.

Lowchen puppy

Caring for Your Senior Löwchen

The life expectancy of this small breed is 12 to 14 years. This breed may live a long healthy life as there are only a few health conditions to discuss with a vet. All senior dogs need to visit the vet at least twice a year. Older dogs and your senior Löwchen may develop joint pain or need routine lab work. A vet may prescribe pain medication if your older buddy has achy joints.

Finding a Reputable Breeder

The most reliable resource for breeders is the Löwchen Club of America. The breeders included on this website may answer questions about grooming, dog sports, and what it is like to live with this lovely breed.

Löwchen Breed Almost Became Extinct

At one point in the 1960s, this dog was considered the rarest breed in existence! British breeders revived the breed, and in 1996 the Löwchen joined the American Kennel Club and was admitted into the Non-Sporting Group in 1999.

The Löwchen Is the "Little Lion Dog"

The Löwchen's roots are in Germany or France, and this breed may be related to the Bichon family. This lovely dog almost became extinct! The "Little Lion Dog" is cut to look like a lion and the flowing mane is adorable. Pet parents may enjoy his outgoing personality.

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Meet the Löwchen: A Little Lion With a Playful Heart