Great Indoor Dog Litter Boxes Options

Updated January 24, 2019
Dog Litter Box and a York prey terrier

An indoor dog litter box can help transform your puppy into the perfect pet; one that has the unique combination of the loveable affection only found in man's best friend and the independence of a cat. There are a wide range of styles, sizes and types to choose from, and plenty of things to consider when shopping for the perfect litter box for your pup.

Indoor Dog Litter Box Types

There are several types of dog litter boxes:

  • Some look identical to cat litter boxes. In fact, a cat litter box may be a suitable option for a small dog.
  • Some dog litter boxes have synthetic grass while others use actual grass.
  • The "grass" boxes come either with raised sides to minimize splashing while others are flat for a more natural feel.
  • Other dog litter boxes feature solid bases with removable screen systems that use regular cat or dog litter. After the dog goes potty the screen can be lifted to sift the good litter back into the pan while the waste remains in the screen.

Top Selling Dog Litter Boxes

You can find dog litter boxes at most pet supply stores as well as online vendors. Take measurements of your dog beforehand to ensure the box is a good fit.

Petmaker Puppy Potty Trainer

The "Indoor Restroom for Pets" is made for dog owners in apartments or who can't come home in time to let their dogs out:

  • The Petmaker Puppy Potty Trainer uses a three-layer system with a layer of synthetic grass on top of a plastic tray which drains into a second plastic tray on the bottom.
  • It's cleaned by washing the three parts with soap and water.
  • It comes in small (16"x20") for about $15 and medium (20"x25") for about $22.
  • You can purchase replacement synthetic grass pads.

So Phresh Dog Litter Box

This litter box has a simple design that looks just like a cat litter box.

  • The pan has high sides to keep urine from splashing.
  • The plastic tray is easy to clean and empty without any additional parts.
  • You will need to use puppy pads in the box or So Phresh Dog Litter.
  • The box comes in large and small.
    • The small is 19.5 inches long by 14.5 inches wide with a depth of 5 inches.
    • The large is 19.5 inches long by 23.5 inches wide with a depth of 5 inches.
  • The large retails for about $25.00 and the small for $20.
So Fresh Dog Litter Box

DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Potty

If you like the idea of a box with grass, this is a perfect choice for you.

  • The box comes in four sizes:
    • standard (24"x16) for dogs up to 15 pounds
    • medium (24"x20") for dogs 10 to 30 pounds
    • large (24"x24") for dogs 20 to 50 pounds
    • extra large (24"x48") for dogs over 40 pounds, or multi-dog households
  • The grass is live hydroponic grass and it helps keep down the smell compared to synthetic grass.
  • The tray is made of recyclable cardboard. The grass and box is disposable and replaced every few weeks.
  • The price runs between $26 and $34 depending on size. Once you buy the box, you sign up for a plan to receive shipments of new grass which can occur once a week or every two, three or four weeks. Delivery plans are between $26 and $27 per shipment.

Do-It-Yourself Option

If you want to make your own litter box, you can do so with the following items:

  • 48" kennel tray
  • 8 square feet of sod
  • 2"x4" plywood cut to 45" long
  • 4 2" rubber wheel casters
  • ¾" screws

You will also need a drill and screwdriver and if you cut the wood yourself, a circular saw. You can also have the wood cut for you at many home improvement stores. The dimensions can also be shortened to adapt to smaller dogs and spaces.

Choosing the Best Litter Box for Your Dog

Taking the time to find the right litter box for your dog will greatly improve the chances your dog will accept and use his new potty:

  • Large breed dogs may do better with a grass box with flat sides as it's more comfortable.
  • Dogs that dig can make a mess of the litter and are a better candidate for the grass boxes.
  • If your dog has been trained to go outside, it may be easier to train them to use the grass boxes as they're used to the look and feel of a grass substrate.

Teaching Your Dog a New Trick

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but even older dogs can be trained to use an indoor litter box. However, it's important to note that the process of litter box training a dog can be time-consuming. In order to train your dog to use a litter box, it takes consistency, dedication and quite a bit of patience.

After all your hard work, you'll be rewarded with a dog that can use an indoor dog litter box during those long stretches of time when you're not home. The end results include fewer indoor accidents, no more ruined furniture or floors, less time cleaning up messes and, best of all, a happier, healthier pet.

Using an Indoor Dog Litter Box

Indoor dog litter boxes are a good choice for dogs that need to be alone for a few hours and in small apartments and condos. They also can be a help for older dogs who have trouble walking outside and for dogs in colder or hotter climates when staying inside is a more comfortable option.

Great Indoor Dog Litter Boxes Options