Dandie Dinmont Terrier Profile: A Smart, Devoted Breed

Published March 2, 2021
Dandie Dinmont Terrier

The Dandie Dinmont terrier is named after a character in a novel by Sir Walter Scott who owned a similar-looking dog. This dog breed thrives on love and attention from his pet parents. The terrier originated in Scotland and hunted badger, vermin, and otter.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed Overview

The Dandie Dinmont terrier is fun-loving, reserved, and sensitive. This dog breed is a calm character and nicknamed the "Gentleman of the Terrier family." This terrier breed is a great candidate for both city and country life.

Origin and History

The exact history of the Dandie Dinmont terrier is unknown. For centuries, locals lived with this breed in border towns between Scotland and England. Many farmers kept the terrier to hunt otters and badgers during the 18th century. The breed was named Dandie Dinmonts in the early 19th century after the character in the novel Guy Mannering by Sir Walter Scott.


The Dandie Dinmont terrier is known as playful, loyal, and brave! However, this breed may be shy with strangers and reactive towards other dogs.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier running in field

Terrier Tenacity

This breed is reserved and always composed but still enjoys hunting and digging. The terrier's ancestors were "game wee dogs" for work on fox, badger, vermin, and otter.


This breed needs two short daily walks, but moderate exercise during the day is adequate. The terrier needs to be on a leash when he is not in a secure yard with a fence.


The Dandie Dinmont terrier does not shed but requires grooming. This breed is unique in shape, a series of curves, similar to his cousin, the Bedlington terrier. This breed is known for his non-shedding coat and a wonderful candidate for anyone suffering from allergies.

  • Coat color: Typically, the breed is available in mustard or pepper and may have white chest hair.
  • Weight: The terrier weighs between 18 and 24 pounds.
  • Height: The Dandie Dinmont terrier is between eight and 11 inches tall.

High-Maintenance Grooming

The body coat is a mixture of hardish and soft hair. This mixture gives the coat a crisp texture. Pet parents need to trim the coat by plucking. He requires daily brushing, and his coat needs to be stripped twice a year.

Health Concerns

This breed is generally healthy with a few concerns. Reputable breeders may conduct genetic testing to avoid problems. The conditions pet parents need to discuss with a vet are lymphoma and mast cell tumors, as both cancers are a health issue for many small breeds.

Small Dog Breed Diet

This terrier thrives on love, so it is essential to keep him fit and trim! There are many special diets for small breeds. Talk with your vet to determine the best food for your small breed, as the diet needs to consist of high-quality ingredients.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier, puppies, 6 weeks

Caring for Your Senior Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Active terriers may develop joint issues or arthritis over the years. Pet parents need to visit the vet at least two times a year to check labwork and conduct a complete wellness exam. Your senior may need medication to help with any achy joints and supplements.


This adorable small breed's life expectancy is up to 15 years. This terrier is a generally healthy breed and may live a long life!

About the Terrier Group

Most terriers today are kept as pets. The breeds are intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. The dogs in the terrier group are excellent watchdogs and hunting terriers like the Dandie Dinmont terrier, enjoy digging and may wreak havoc on a pet parent's backyard! Terriers benefit from an experienced owner and trustworthy family.

Work With a Reputable Breeder

Founded in 1932, The Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club of America is an excellent resource for any dog lover hoping to connect with a breeder. Any breeder with this club is happy to answer questions about the terrier and pet lovers may find a list of resources on the website.

Dandie Dinmont Terriers Thrive on Attention

This breed is independent, reserved, and intelligent. The Dandie Dinmont terrier is affectionate with family members and may be an excellent candidate for life in the city or country. This beautiful terrier does require grooming, so pet parents may work with a professional groomer to maintain the coat. This dog breed enjoys chasing vermin and badger, so he needs moderate exercise and a few daily walks.

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Dandie Dinmont Terrier Profile: A Smart, Devoted Breed