Create a Playlist of Sounds Your Dog Will Love

Whether your dog needs to calm down or get excited, there's a sound to set the mood.

Published April 12, 2023
Dog relaxing listening to music

Dogs have an extremely keen sense of hearing, so it makes sense they would prefer some sounds over others. Their ability to hear even the tiniest noises is one reason dogs can be trained so well using verbal commands or the sound of a clicker. Different sound types can cause dogs to respond in various ways. For example, one sound may make them excited, whereas the other is more likely to help them chill out or even fall asleep.

What Kinds of Sounds Do Dogs Like?

Dogs have an excellent sense of hearing, and a lot of noises can scare them. They especially dislike loud sounds, such as from fireworks, thunder, loud motorcycles, and other loud noises. If your dog absolutely despises thunderstorms, you know exactly what we're talking about. However, there are sounds dogs particularly enjoy and prefer to hear repeatedly.

Response to Music

When you ask yourself what sounds your dog likes, your mind may jump directly to music. Studies have shown that dogs have a similar emotional response to music as humans do, and that certain types of music can have a calming effect on them. For example, dogs waiting in a veterinary clinic have been found to be less stressed when classical music was playing in the waiting room.

Other genres of music could make dogs react differently, but more research is being done to determine how different music affects dogs overall. You might have to try different options to find what works for your dog, but sticking with soft, gentle rhythms and quiet melodies - maybe smooth jazz or classical - is probably your best bet.

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Their Owner's Voice

Your dog is bonded to you, and they love to hear you talk. Dogs just love their owner's voice. They associate their your voice with positive experiences, such as playtime, cuddles, and treats. They become excited and happy when they hear it, an it provides them with a sense of security and comfort. Dogs are social animals, and when they hear their owner's voice, they feel safe and secure.

If you're building a playlist for your dog, tap the Record app on your smart phone, and make a few short recordings where you speak softly with encouragement for your dog. Then, add these short messages to your dog's playlist. They'll love it.

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Quick Tip

Your tone of voice can be a sense of security, or it could be the source of unrest. Maintain a calm, soft tone when talking to your dog to promote healthy bonding.

Squeaky Toys

Most dogs that enjoy squeaky toys have a high prey drive. The squeak in the toy resembles the sound of capturing prey. Once they bite down on the toy and that squeak starts, the game is on. It's time to play. This can reduce boredom, relieve stress, and provide a bonding experience for you and your dog if you're playing with it together. You can record their squeaky toy and add these fun sounds to your playlist, if your goal is to ramp up your dog's energy level.

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Nature Sounds

Dogs enjoy the natural sounds of the outdoors, ranging from rustling leaves, raindrops falling on the trees, or the sounds of birds chirping and singing. However, note that some dogs can become excited when they hear bird sounds, so if you plan to calm them down, maybe skip the chirps. Soft sounds of flowing water, rainfall (but skip the thunder), and ocean surf can all add that soothing water ambiance to your dog's playlist.

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Hear it Now: Nature Playlist for Dogs on Spotify

White Noise

White noise is a sound that is a combination of all frequencies. It drowns out other noises to help your dog relax and sleep. This might be especially useful if you need to leave your dog home alone for long periods of time, like while you're at work.

It's also particularly useful if your dog is afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks as it helps drown out the sounds of the outdoors. Providing white noise can be as simple as turning on the vacuum or you can grab a white noise machine from the store. There are tons of videos on YouTube featuring white noise for dogs, too.

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Some dogs enjoy watching television, but it depends on what's playing on the TV. Your dog may just be lying down on the couch with you to gain some extra quality time. However, there are some programs that dogs find so entertaining they may watch and listen to it themselves, even if you're not home. If you're wondering if your dog enjoys watching television, try turning on a nature documentary or videos with other dogs in it.

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DogTV has created a streaming service specifically with dogs in mind. Dog lovers play DogTV while they're at work to keep their dog happy and stress-free.

Other Dogs

Your dog probably enjoys hearing other dogs. It's not just your imagination, your pup really does perk up when they hear another dog barking in the distance. Dogs are social animals, and most love to be around other dogs. Hearing another dog bark or whine can be an initiation of play, and you know dogs love their playtime. It's time to run, play tug-of-war, or play in the dog pool outside.

Just be aware that if you add another dog's sounds to your playlist, you're likely to confuse your dog somewhat. They might start barking because they can't figure out where the strange dog sounds are coming from. If that's the case, and you want to create a playlist to calm your dog down, you can skip the dog sounds.

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Choosing a Sound

If you're trying to calm your dog down, search for a calming or soothing sound. If you're hoping for your dog to become playful, grab the squeaky toy from their toy basket. If you're going to be gone for a little while, turn on some television to keep them entertained. Different sounds can be useful for different situations. Determine how you're wanting your dog to feel and go from there.

Create a Playlist of Sounds Your Dog Will Love