Meet Chik'n Little: The Brussels Griffon Taking the Internet (and Our Hearts) By Storm

Published April 27, 2022
Photos of Chik'n Little

If nothing makes you happier than scrolling through your Instagram feed and seeing furry faces looking back at you, well you're our kind of people and boy do we have a story for you.

Chik'n Little is a 5-year-old Brussels Griffon rescue. Chik'n was living a relatively quiet life until his mom's friend (two-time Emmy-nominated filmmaker Erin Lee Carr) tweeted a photo of him which has now gone viral.

"Absolutely insane that my friend's dog that looks like this has not gone viral," she tweeted on March 16, 2022.


Once you see his face, it's hard to find fault with her words.

This loveable human/Chewbacca amalgamation has been compared to an Ewok, Richard Branson, and the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz. To us, he looks like a slightly confused Steve Buscemi in a wee furry body. But regardless of who he reminds you of, it's hard not to look at Chik'n Little and smile. This is why we're all so lucky for friends like Carr, who made his presence known to the rest of the world.


Since Chik'n Little's photo went viral, people have been flocking to his Instagram page, where he's amassed thousands of followers eager to see how he spends his waking hours. According to his Instagram account, Chik'n enjoys treats, going on walks, cosplay, and hanging with his little brother, Rowdy.

However, Chik'n Little does not like going to the groomers, and who can blame him? With a mane like his, you need to protect it at all costs.


The Brussels Griffon breed is known to be demanding and intelligent. They pack a small punch at around 5-8 pounds and require daily exercise. They also tend to be "self-important and no-nonsense."

According to his owner, Chik'n Little is a total cuddle bug. "Hugging Chik'n is one of the most comforting things in the world," she tells LoveToknow. "He just leans right into the hug and stays there as long as you hold him there. I wish every person who followed him could meet him in person to feel his love and silliness and charm firsthand."

There are a lot of viral, Instagram-worthy animals, but we do believe Chik'n Little ranks right up there with the likes of Esther the Wonder Pig and Dug the Pug.

As for his family, they weren't too shocked by his newfound fame. "We were overwhelmed by how captured so many people were by him - but we couldn't say we were surprised. He's a wild-looking critter and just the nicest guy. It makes sense."

After seeing that face, he has at least one more follower in us.

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Meet Chik'n Little: The Brussels Griffon Taking the Internet (and Our Hearts) By Storm