Cesky Terrier: Profile of a Rare & Clever Dog Breed

Published February 19, 2021
Cesky Terrier

The Cesky terrier is a hardy breed and generally healthy dog. This terrier is known as a great watchdog with a pleasant temperament. This bright, active, and engaging dog is a wonderful hunter used to catch foxes, rabbits, and ducks. The dog breed's silky coat requires a lot of care and maintenance.

Cesky Terrier Breed Overview

This terrier is a rare and relatively uncommon breed. It is also known as the Bohemian or Czesky terrier. The breed is a working dog with a beautiful silky coat. With that in mind, the exercise requirements exceed most terriers and small breeds. You do not want an obese Cesky terrier.

Origin and History

This breed is the creation of a breeder and geneticist in Czechoslovakia. The lineage may include the Scottish terrier and Sealyham breeds. The dog is known for his ability to hunt rodents, foxes, rabbits, ducks, and moles. The Cesky terrier is also on a Czechoslovakian postage stamp!


This terrier is fearless but happy as a family pet. The breed is perfect for pet parents with active lifestyles looking for a sporting terrier. This ratter is not a good candidate for a home with a rabbit or small pet, including gerbils allowed to free-range around the house unsupervised.

Perfect Watchdog

This vigilant watchdog is known to get along great with other pets. The Cesky terrier may be a little apprehensive with strangers!


This breed's job in rural Bohemia is to chase rats, but in the U.S., the Cesky terrier is on the couch! The small breed needs at least one daily walk on a leash and enjoys dog sports involving vermin like earth dog and barn hunt.


Puppies are born black, and the final color and shading fully develop when the dog reaches two years old.

  • Size: This terrier is typically about 11 inches tall.
  • Weight: The dog weighs between 15 and 22 pounds.
  • Coat colors: The coat color variations are blue-grey shades, and some are pale coffee tan, liver, or brown.
Cesky Terrier dog

Trim the Coat With Clippers

The coat is trimmed over the back, sides, and neck. Pet parents need to know from a professional groomer how to best care for the terrier's coat. A groomer can teach the ins and outs when it comes to trimming, combing, and brushing. The dog's coat is always cut with clippers and never stripped.

Health Concerns

The Cesky terrier is a generally healthy breed with almost no known medical issues!

Best Diet for Small Breeds

Pet parents need to look for high-quality ingredients. There are many diets specially formulated for smaller breeds, including the Cesky terrier.

Caring for Your Senior Cesky Terrier

The lifespan of the Cesky terrier is between 12 and 14 years. This healthy breed needs to visit the vet at least twice a year as he ages to check for lumps and bumps. Many small breeds and working dogs may develop arthritis. A vet needs to help with pain management and any medication to relieve some old age aches.

About the Terrier Group

Terriers are tough, confident, and energetic dogs. The terrier group takes its name from the Latin word terra or soil. This phrase refers to the original use of various types of small dogs as hunters of underground-dwelling vermin like rats. The Cesky terrier is part of this beautiful group of dogs.

Work With a Reputable Breeder

The American Kennel Club is an excellent resource for pet parents looking for reputable breeders. There are many questions pet parents need to ask a breeder when researching terriers.

Cesky Terriers Are a Hardy Breed

The Cesky terrier is tough and fearless. The breed is used today as a working dog and watchdog. Many terriers are stubborn, and this breed needs training from an early age. The coat is clipped and needs a good brushing every few days. Many pet parents enjoy this fearless terrier.

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Cesky Terrier: Profile of a Rare & Clever Dog Breed