12 Lazy Dog Breeds Made for Cuddling

Not everyone wants a super energetic pup. Check out these low-key breeds that will hang out on the couch with you all day.

Published January 27, 2021
Little girl holding cute little puppy

Lazy dog breeds do not include the hard-working border collie. Every dog is an individual and needs daily exercise, but there are some low energy dog breeds. The lazy dog breeds vary, are typically in the companion dog category, and are bred solely as pets.

Lazy Dog Breeds

When you think about dog breeds, pet parents need to consider behavior and temperament. Companion dog breeds bred to be pets are perfect candidates for senior dog owners, folks in an apartment, and people with a busy schedule! These lazy dog breeds are not working dogs, hunting breeds, or high-energy dogs. Animal lovers need to research the breed and the temperament to ensure a companion dog is a great personality fit.

Basset Hound

After a hound enjoys a scent walk, the basset breed is ready for a nap. Basset hounds are a popular companion animal and extremely friendly. A daily walk is sufficient for a hound dog as long as it involves sniff time.

Basset hound dog relaxing in large plaid chair at home


This proud breed is closely associated with China's emperors. This canine is both affectionate and loyal to family members. Yet the Pekingese is quiet, reserved, and perfectly content on the couch.

Woman playing with Pekingese dog


Pugs are an icon of China's elite, and this is another ancient Chinese breed. The pug loves to get on furniture, and if you want a dog on your sofa, this breed is a perfect fit.

Blonde woman cuddling a young pug puppy

Shih Tzu

Tibetan lamas sent some of the dogs as tributes to Chinese emperors. The breed name shih tzu means "little lion" in Chinese. This canine is a bouncy, outgoing dog known as a wonderful family pet and always ready for downtime on his favorite chair. This breed requires extensive grooming!

Portrait Of Shih Tzu On Couch At Home

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels griffon enjoys a walk and is also comfortable with inactivity and relaxation. This canine may exhibit terrier qualities and is known to be spirited and friendly. This breed also chases and hunts rats.

Brussels Griffon playing outside

Bichon Frisé

The friendly Bichon Frisé is a wonderful family dog and does well in an apartment. The breed enjoys human affection and does not require a lot of exercise. Yet this canine is known to bark.

Young girl taking photo of her dog bichon frise with mobile phone at home


The Maltese or lion dog is popular in both Europe and the U.S. This breed is known to bark and makes a good watchdog but does not need a lot of outdoor activity. A daily walk is perfect for this lively little dog. This small breed does require a lot of grooming.

Maltese dog looking at the camera

Japanese Chin

This ancient breed traces back to China, and the chin is closely related to the Pekingese breed. This affectionate dog is known to warm the laps of the ladies of Japan. No one knows how the Japanese chin arrived in Japan.

 Japanese Chin puppy sitting in a flower garden


The Havanese is a Cuban member of the Bichon family. This canine is an ideal family pet and is known to be trainable and naturally affectionate. This small breed requires grooming, but one daily walk is perfect before a snuggle on the couch.

Havanese puppy running on green grass

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa apso originated in ancient Tibet, and this breed may be an incarnation of the mythical Tibetan snow lion. This dog is affectionate, a good watchdog, and happy to go for a short walk. The Lhasa apso enjoys snuggle time.

Woman with her dog lhasa apso in nature

French Bulldog

The French bulldog or Frenchie is known as the "clowns of the dog world" and is eager to please. This breed requires minimal exercise, and despite the small, muscular frames, the Frenchie is happy to hang out and share human snacks.

French Bulldog with Stuffed toy

Chinese Crested

The hairless version became popular with Chinese seafarers and chased rats on ships. This breed does not require a lot of outdoor exercise. Older people with arthritis enjoy the warmth this hairless dog provides in a comfortable chair.

Chinese Crested Dog Laying on the Couch

Senior Dogs Are Lazy Too

Senior dogs also make perfect pets for any aging human with mobility issues. Older dogs prefer to curl up on the couch or bed with the family, so consider adopting a senior pet!

Woman petting dog on front porch

Low Energy Dog Breeds

Some of the lazy breeds are quite different from each other, but all share the lazy dog trait. Many breeds are low energy and, with a short daily walk, are perfect for apartment living. Companion dogs are mostly pets, and the same breeds are not in the working, hunting, or sporting dog groups.

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12 Lazy Dog Breeds Made for Cuddling