10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds (and Why They're Worth It)

Published January 28, 2021
Cavalier king charles spaniels

Some of the most expensive dog breeds are worth every penny. There is an art and science to dog breeding, and pet parents may need to consider some hefty price tags. Breeders consider the history and pedigree of purebred canines when calculating the cost of pups.

Most Expensive Dog Breeds

Many dogs are bred for a specific job or appearance. The job may involve a keen nose, and in many cases, stamina for hard outdoor work. With that in mind, breeders work for decades to perfect certain dog breeds, and the price tag may reflect this long process. Some of the breeds cost as much as $4,500.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed may cost between $800 and $2,500. The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a happy, quiet dog and perfect for apartment living. Charlie is a nickname you may hear in England for this breed. Cavaliers are known to be gentle lapdogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog

English Bulldog

This canine goes back well over fifteen hundred years and is an indigenous British breed. This canine is known to be kind, persistent, and courageous. The English bulldog may cost between $1,500 and $4,500.

English bulldog

Tibetan Mastiff

This breed is known as a guard dog and highly intelligent. This dog may not be the best candidate for first-time dog owners. The Tibetan mastiff is one of the most expensive and puppies may cost between $1,800 and $4,500.

Tibetan Mastiff dog

French Bulldog

The cost of the adorable French bulldog is between $1,800 and $4,500. Frenchies are small, affectionate, and known for an even temperament. This breed is an ideal companion and enjoys competitive sports.

French Bulldog


The rottweiler costs a little less than some of the most expensive breeds. The average cost is between $600 and $1,200. The rottweiler breed is a medium-large, sturdy and robust dog. The dog is an outstanding companion dog, but pet parents need to look for a reputable breeder.


Chow Chow

A chow may cost between $800 and $4,000. This dog is one of the most impressive breeds and looks like a lion. The chow is an ancient breed and loves to spend time outdoors. Grooming is essential and may take hours each week!

Black Chow Chow

Portuguese Water Dog

This breed is a versatile water retriever, and water work is this dog's job. Pet parents need to work with a reputable breeder, as this is a real working breed. The Portuguese water dog may cost between $1,500 and $3,000.

Portuguese Water Dog

Great Dane

This giant breed may cost between $500 and $1,800. The Great Dane is the most elegant variety of giant breeds. Pet parents may need to work with a reputable breeder as this canine takes a long time to mature. Great Danes also eat a lot!

Great dane puppy


This breed is independent and has a silly side! The Akita dog breed is reasonably priced with an average cost between $600 and $2,000. Pet parents need to work with a breeder vigilant about health screenings. The Akita is quiet and instinctively guards a home.

Akita dog


The cost for the saluki breed is between $800 and $2,000. The saluki is bred for speed with long legs and needs an active home. This dog is an instinctive hunter and a perfect candidate for dog sports.

Saluki Arabian Hound

Rigorous Standards for Pedigree Dogs

Some of the dog breeds are pricey but worth every penny. A dog is a lifelong commitment, and if you need a guard dog you can rely on, like the Tibetan mastiff, a breeder may charge almost $2,000. Part of the agreement and contract allows you to return the dog for any reason to the breeder. A reputable breeder is invaluable for pet parents. Animal lovers need answers to initial questions, and a breeder may help provide solutions.

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10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds (and Why They're Worth It)