The Curly-Haired Mouse: Fancy Breeds & Curl-tastic Cuties

Curly-haired mice are taking over the internet, but can they take over your heart? I'm betting so!

Published December 6, 2023
Baby texel mice

If you've never laid eyes on a curly-haired mouse, get ready to be amazed. These tiny pets have a body full of curls that are unlike anything you've ever seen, and it's utterly adorable. But there isn't just one breed of fancy mouse with curly hair; there are actually a few. Learn more about these curlicue cuties and check out some pictures that'll make you want to bring one of them home.

Curly-Haired Mice As Pets

Mice might not be the first pocket pet you think of, but mice, rats, and other rodents can be great pets. Mice are low maintenance, quiet, affectionate, and smart. You can even teach these little guys to do tricks if you want!

Fancy Mice vs Wild Mice

Don't worry, curly-haired mice are different from wild mice. Not only have they been bred for their curly hair, but they come from generations of domesticated "fancy mice" breeds. This means they have the wonderful personality of other domesticated mice who will adjust more easily to being part of your family.

Fast Fact

"Fancy mice" are specific domesticated breeds of house mice, intended to be kept as pets or, sometimes, used as feeder mice for other animals or in laboratories. These mouse breeds come in a variety of colors and hair lengths, including (yes!) curly-haired breeds. 

Texel Mice

Texel mice are the most popular curly-haired mice and the ones you've probably seen all over social media. They have tight waves all over their body. How cute is that?

They're Sometimes Called "Long-Haired Frizzies"

Texel mice are sometimes called "long-haired frizzies" because they possess both the long-haired gene and the frizzie gene.

What Is a Frizzie Mouse?

Does that mean you can have a mouse that's just a "frizzie?" Absolutely! These cute curly-haired mice have slightly shorter hair than the texel but retain that signature curl or wave.

Satin Frizzies Are Other Curlicues As Well

Satin mice have a very distinctive satin shine to their hair. Along with the frizzie and long-haired frizzie, you can also have a satin frizzie mouse! Phew, there are a lot of different genes and names involved, but when it comes down to it, these mice are all very cute and make sweet companions.

Grooming Your Curly-Haired Mouse

Curly-haired mice don't really need any special kind of grooming. Mice are very clean animals and spend a lot of time grooming themselves. If you notice a mouse looking unkempt or not grooming themselves, a visit to the veterinarian is in order.

Need to Know

Rodents require specialty veterinarian care, so make sure to find a rodent specialist in your area before you adopt one of these curly cuties.

Curly Mouse Colors

You can find curly-haired mice in many different colors, including cream, silver, blue, white, red, and black.

Fancy Mouse Diet

Even though mice can and will eat just about anything, that doesn't mean they should. You'll want to feed your curly-haired mouse a balanced diet of pellets and mouse-safe vegetables.

Curly-Haired Mice Are Fancy Mice Indeed

If you're looking for a great pocket pet who's low maintenance, clean, and sweet, look no further than the curly-haired varieties of fancy mice. Just keep in mind that, like most small rodents, they're short-lived, with an average lifespan of about two years. Regular veterinary care can help prolong this, but the short time these guys stick with us just makes them all the more precious. Do you have a curly-haired mouse friend? Post their picture on our Facebook page or tag us on social media, and we might just add it to this article!

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The Curly-Haired Mouse: Fancy Breeds & Curl-tastic Cuties