15 Rare and Unreal Ball Python Morphs That Will Blow You Away

Proceed with caution, because you’ll probably want to take these rare ball python morphs home after seeing their stunning markings.

Published April 4, 2023

15 Rare Ball Python Morphs


With over 5,000 ball python morphs in existence today, it's understandable that some would be more common than others. If you'd like an unusual-looking pet snake that'll impress your friends and family, you might be interested in one of these rare ball python morphs. From the bumblebee morph to the dreamsicle and blue-eyed leucistic, we rounded up the rarest ball pythons that are as stunning as they are unique.

15. Killer Bee Vanilla


The killer bee vanilla ball python is a very rare designer morph, which combines pastel and spider gene variants to achieve a unique - and gorgeous - look. This genetic combination is still rare and hard to find, but the striking combination of color and pattern make these snakes absolutely beautiful.

Fast Fact

Ball python morphs are snakes with rare genetic traits that look different from wild ball pythons. Typically, a snake will have one unique genetic trait, but with designer morphs, breeders combine multiple genetic traits to produce stunning snakes.

14. Bumblebee


Bumblebee ball pythons have a beautiful black and yellow coloring, which resembles that of a bumblebee, hence the morph's cute name. They're created by crossing a spider ball python morph with a pastel. The bumblebee is considered a designer morph, and one of these snakes can cost $1,000 or more.

13. Piebald


The piebald morph, sometimes called pied for short, is absolutely gorgeous. Ball pythons with this mutation have natural coloring with big splotches of white across their bodies. Breeders use the piebald gene with various other genes to make some beautiful and rare combinations.

12. White Wedding


A pure white ball python is indeed rare. This morph is called the "white wedding" and is a spider piebald morph with no coloring on the body aside from white. At first glance, some might think this snake is actually albino, but this morph has black eyes, unlike the red eyes of the albino ball pythons.

11. Clown Ball


You've heard of a clownfish, but did you know there's a clown snake? The clown is a rare ball python morph that's super attractive. These snakes have a brown-orange base with a thick pattern down the length of their body and small spots or bands across the sides.

10. Banana


Banana ball pythons are popular for their adorable appearance and cute morph name. These pets have a tan base color with vibrant yellow markings and tiny brown freckles, which make them look like a banana.

9. Crystal Spider


The spider ball python gene is one that creates thin markings on the snake's back, which resemble spider webs. A crystal spider is a designer morph that creates a beautiful translucent pink and white coloring. If you decide to get one of these as a pet, just know spider ball pythons can have a congenital central nervous system disease known as "spider wobble," which is linked to the spider gene.

8. Dreamsicle


If you think this morph's name is cute, wait until you see how stunning their pattern is. The dreamsicle contains the piebald gene and lavender albino to create a gorgeous orange and white splotchy pattern. While dreamsicles alone are rare, you can sometimes find them with markings in unusual shapes. The most impressive was a dreamsicle snake with three orange smiley faces across their back; this rare ball python sold for $6,000 in 2017.

7. Super Inferno


It sounds like a 70s dance move, but the super inferno is a rare ball python morph that we can't get enough of. Super infernos can come in various colors depending on what other genes they contain. The snake pictured here has a beautiful pale yellow base with intricate brown patterns.

6. Coral Glow


Arguably the most beautiful ball python morph, and one that's incredibly hard to find, is the coral glow morph. Some people say this designer morph is identical to the banana ball python, but others argue that they're two separate lines. Whichever side of the discussion you fall on, there's no denying this snake is a beauty.

5. Super Chocolate


"Super" in relation to ball python morphs means the snake carries the gene twice, so a super chocolate carries the chocolate gene in both alleles. Regardless of the specifics of their breeding, the super chocolate morph has a rich dark brown color that sets them apart from other ball pythons. Some are so dark they even appear black.

4. Lavender Albino


With a lavender base and pale yellow markings, the lavender albino ball python is a stunner. This rare python morph is tough to find because snakes with this coloring are difficult to produce. If you're able to get your hands on one, you'll need to provide it with optimal care to make sure it lives a long healthy life.

3. Sunset


The rich burnt orange coloring of the sunset morph makes this rare ball python type one also one of the most beautiful. Their markings almost look like flames, which makes this pet look like a slithering fire. Sunsets are difficult to find and incredibly expensive, too.

2. Pastel Super Stripe


This rare ball python designer morph doesn't just contain two unique genes; it contains three. The pastel super stripe is a combination of yellow belly, specter, and pastel, which makes them difficult to produce. The result is a lovely ball python with pale yellow coloring and a prominent double stripe down the length of their back.

1. Blue-Eyed Leucistic


One of the rarest ball python morphs is the blue-eyed leucistic morph, which is sometimes referred to as blue-eyed lucy or just BEL for short. Leucistic means this morph lacks pigment in their skin, but they are not albino. Therefore, they don't have red eyes. In fact, blue-eyed lucies have blue eyes, which makes them that much rarer. You can expect to pay a lot for one of these rare ball pythons depending on their genetics, health, and appearance.

Availability of Ball Python Morphs Can Vary


Breeding designer ball python morphs is incredibly complex due to their genetic makeup. Some morphs are difficult or even impossible to replicate. But regardless of what your ball python looks like, these snakes make incredible pets for the right household.

15 Rare and Unreal Ball Python Morphs That Will Blow You Away