Horse Hacks: 5 DIY Horse Hay Feeders With Video Instructions

Craft your own DIY horse hay feeder with these easy-to-follow video tutorials. You can customize for hay type, horse height, and your own unique style.

Published December 21, 2023
Argentine criollo horse in stable

There are plenty of feeders you can purchase, but a DIY horse hay feeder gives you room to customize it. You can adjust your slow feeder to accommodate the type of hay you feed and the height of your horse and allow it to match your aesthetic. Follow these easy tutorials (with videos!) to create a hay feeder your horses will love.

1. Simple Pallet DIY Hay Feeder

Pallets are easy to come by, and this DIY horse feeder only requires three of them. This design is incredibly easy to fill. Plus, it’s not hard to move. You’ll want to be sure to smooth out any sharp or rough edges to keep your horses safe.

Quick Tip

Ensure that any hay feeder you make is stable so it won’t tip over while your horses feed.

2. 5-Minute DIY Horse Slow Feeder

If you’re on a budget and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to building a horse hay feeder, this tutorial is for you. It’s a great option to reduce waste while keeping your horse from eating too much too quickly.

Quick Tip

Horse slow feeders encourage natural grazing behaviors, which is beneficial for their digestive health.

3. Repurposed Barrel Horse Slow Feeder

Used food barrels have many possibilities when it comes to their second life, and we love the idea of turning one into a slow feed for horses. The trickiest part of this DIY project is locating a barrel, but it’s really not too hard to come by these.

Quick Tip

Making and hanging a few hay feeders is a great idea, especially if you notice your animals becoming competitive during feeding time. Giving them numerous feeders can help reduce this bullying.

4. Super Cheap DIY Hay Feeder

Hay feeders can go for hundreds of dollars, which is why these $15 DIY feeders are a goldmine. They keep your horse’s feed elevated off the ground and don’t take long to make. They don’t hold a whole bale, but you can split your hay up between a few or reserve these for smaller livestock.

Need to Know

Remember to always use food-grade barrels that contained non-toxic materials for any DIY you use. Always clean and disinfect them thoroughly before you start.

5. DIY Hay Feeder Ring From Pallets

Hay rings are a great feeding option that will save you money in the long run by minimizing your hay waste. But you can also save money initially by making your own hay ring instead of buying one. This tutorial uses several pallets secured in a ring. We think it looks great!

DIY Horse Hay Feeders That Are Well Worth It

DIY feeders are a cost-effective option when made well. Be mindful of the supplies you use to ensure they’re durable, safe, and non-toxic to keep your hoses safe. And for your safety, make sure they’re easy to fill and clean. With the right design and approach, you can save a ton of money and hay.

Horse Hacks: 5 DIY Horse Hay Feeders With Video Instructions