14 Sleeping Dogs & Puppies Reminding You To Relax & Reset

Our snoozing puppies are like cuddly mini zen masters, showing us how to live life joyfully with their relaxed naps and irresistibly fluffy faces.

Published December 7, 2023

Our dogs teach us a ton, and one of the lessons we could all learn a bit better is how to sleep hard. Dogs and puppies know how to sleep. Their little paws twitching in dreamland, those soft, rhythmic breaths, and the pure innocence on their faces — it's a scene straight out of a storybook. As we get closer to the New Year, these sleeping pups are a great reminder that we have to hit that snooze button from time to time. 

Bonding in Comfort


If your dog sleeps on you, the bond you share must truly be something special. They feel super comfortable being not only near you but also on top of you.

Hitting the Off Button


This pup didn’t quite make it all the way to the bed. But when that off button switches, it’s time to shut down.

Soak Up The Love


Even when your dogs are sleepy, they’ll still wag their tails at a chance to get some love.

Tummy Up


A tummy exposed means the doggy knows they can trust you with their life. Their vital organs are all in there, and they’re exposing themselves to serious danger, at least according to their instincts.

Off to Dreamland


Now this is what good sleep looks like. What do you think he's dreaming about?

Oh, The Silly Snores


Bulldogs snore — a lot. You’ve gotta be careful with the snores, but other than that, they’re pretty cute and definitely give you a chuckle.

Sleeping in Your Bed


If you’re like me, your dog sleeps in bed with you. And it’s actually really good for you and your dog. Plus, what’s better than having a cozy cuddle buddy?

Fluffy Paws and Sleepy Faces


Puppies sleep more than adult dogs, and for good reason. But, look at how cute! These corgis are absolutely adorable with their fluffy little paws and adorable faces.

Quick Tip

Let them rest — puppies need more sleep than their older counterparts to stay healthy.

Fast Asleep in Bed


Fast asleep in my comfy bed with my favorite teddy.

Quick Tip

If your pup doesn't have a bed, consider making your own custom sleep space.

Twitching and Playtime


I'm falling off my bed, but don't wake me! I almost have the ball! 

Rest Before Play


Naptime now, playtime later.

Quick Tip

Use your puppy's snooze time to scout out those hidden pup hazards around the house.

Carefree and Peaceful Sleeping Pups


These tranquil moments capture the essence of our pups' carefree and loving nature, reminding us of the simple joys and comforts of life. Every time they drift off to sleep, it's a picture-perfect snapshot of serenity and cuteness that can brighten anyone's day.

14 Sleeping Dogs & Puppies Reminding You To Relax & Reset