Dog Mom Day Ideas for the Ultimutt Celebration

Published February 12, 2021
Celebrating dog mom day

There are many appropriate party themes for National Dog Mom Day celebrations. Every dog mom deserves a day of pampering or a small celebration. Families need to plan, choose a venue, and bake some delicious treats. For example, a special homemade human snack and a dog treat for mom's best friend is a thoughtful way to celebrate this special occasion.

Dog Mom Day

Man's best friend is also mom's loving companion. Dog moms do anything and everything for canines to ensure every day is full of love. Dig, a personal dating app for people with dogs created this holiday in 2018. With this in mind, the dog mom day holiday is a popular annual event to honor canine moms with treats and small celebrations.

Time to Plan

The second Saturday in May is known as National Dog Mom Day. This special occasion falls the day before Mother's Day and takes place on May 8, 2021. Spring is a lovely time of year to host an outdoor celebration for all dog moms. A great strategy is to combine the party with Mother's Day activities if the whole pack may attend.

Celebration Venue

Top venues to celebrate may range from the park to a dog sports arena where dog moms gather weekly.

  • Park: Invite dog moms to join you for a special walk at a favorite park.
  • Backyard: A beautiful way to honor dog moms is with a small party for all the neighborhood pets. Don't forget special dog treats and cookies for four-legged family members.
  • Pack Hike: Invite two or three friends and plan a dog hike. Dog-friendly party snacks may help keep the walk lively.
  • Dog Sports: Celebrate the special dog mom in your life with a small party at a dog sports venue and work with the instructor to pass out special treats after class.

Gift Ideas

Dog moms deserve a special treat and a big party every day. Taking care of dogs is a lot of work, and if the canines planned the party, it would be an epic celebration. There are many thoughtful gifts a dog mom may enjoy, and don't forget about her four-legged best friends.

  • Make or buy a special human treat for dog moms to enjoy. Write the greeting, "Happy Dog Mom Day," on the treat with frosting.
  • Help mom set aside dedicated 'doggy time' such as a game of fetch or romp in the park.
  • Clean the dishes so dog moms may cuddle on the couch with the family and find a dog movie.

Dog-Friendly Treat Ideas for the Ultimutt Celebration

It is perfectly safe to share some human food with dogs, and the whole pack enjoys blueberry pancakes or peanut butter cookies. If the celebration is early in the day, grab a flapjack for a dog mom's best friend and serve up the rest for the human guests at the party.

  • Blueberry pancakes with unsalted butter and low-fat yogurt are a safe treat for dogs and delicious for dog moms.
  • Organic peanut butter cookies with unsalted peanut butter and whole wheat flour are great for the two-legged and four-legged pack hike.
  • Delicious carrot-apple biscuits are perfect for the party with your dog mom friend and her dog sports buddies.

Top Reasons to Celebrate Dog Moms

Moms tuck in dogs at night to make sure canines feel safe and secure. There are hundreds of selfless acts and reasons to honor any dog caretaker.

Dog Moms Never Give Up Hope

Dog moms feel blessed to live with a dog. Even when a senior is diagnosed with a challenging condition, dog moms go the extra mile to ensure aging pets receive the best care.

Dog Moms Laugh at the Hard Stuff

Some days are harder than others. Canine enrichment and training are both essential parts of a dog mom's daily regimen. When a dog eats a homework assignment, dog moms always find a way to remain patient and a more appropriate chew toy.

Dog Moms Make Sure Canines Live the Best Life

Every day a dog mom determines what activities a furry friend may enjoy and showers him with love. The day starts with a walk and ends with a delicious non-hide chew or bone.

National Dog Mom Day

Celebrate this annual event with friends and family. Baking is a great activity, and sharing some human treats with the entire pack earns brownie points. Caring for canines is a tough job, and it does take a village. Thankfully dog moms organize everything and ensure a woman's best friend is safe, healthy, and happy. Every day needs to be dog mom day!

Dog Mom Day Ideas for the Ultimutt Celebration