Quiz: How to Choose a Healthy & Well-Adjusted Puppy 

If you're thinking of adopting a puppy soon, take this quiz to make sure you know how to look for a healthy puppy who's ready for a new home.

Published January 11, 2023

Cuteness is probably what most people look for in a new puppy, and that's fine, but you don't want to base your choice just on the rush you get when you suddenly spot the most adorable pupper you've ever seen. You need to make sure you choose a puppy that's healthy and well adjusted too. So take this quiz, see what you already know, and get tips on things you probably haven't thought about. Then you'll be ready to get out there and find the little furbie of your dreams.

Playing puppies
1. What's the best way to begin searching for a new puppy?
Quiz: How to Choose a Healthy & Well-Adjusted Puppy