Automatic Dog Waterer

Dog in a kennel with no water

Should you use an automatic dog waterer for your pet? It may be one of the best things you ever do for him. Find out why.

What's Growing in that Water Bowl?

Think you don't need an automatic waterer for your pet? You might change your mind after you read this.

A dog's water bowl is really just a small puddle of stagnant water, and it's ripe for gathering pollutants and natural elements that you probably wouldn't purposely give to your pet.

First, let's talk about bacteria. Every time your dog puts his tongue in the bowl to lap, he leaves behind a fresh dose of bacteria. Since the bowl sits at room temperature for hours at a time, it becomes a nourishing environment for those bacteria to multiply. Soon, your dog is not only depositing bacteria with his next drink, he's also making a withdrawal. Do you doubt it? If you've ever noticed a slimy feeling on the inside of the dish when you wash it out, then you've come in contact with bacteria.

Have you ever noticed the inside of your dog's water dish become discolored? That pinkish stain may not be rust deposits from your tap. It's more likely mold that has been gathered from spores in the air. They settle on the surface, and then sink to the bottom to blossom. If you don't give the dish a daily washing, you're bound to find this film sooner or later.

Do you keep water for your dog outdoors in his kennel? If that bowl sits there long enough, mosquitoes will lay their eggs on the water's surface where they can quickly progress to larvae.

Advantages of an Automatic Dog Waterer

When you use an automatic dog waterer, you are addressing two problems at once. The bowl is never empty, and the automatic refill keeps the water from becoming completely stagnant.

There are many automatic watering products available online and at your local pet supply store. Let's take a closer look at a few of the most popular models.


Lixit is probably best known for manufacturing water bottles. If you've never used one before you'll probably love the difference once you try one. Water bottles can be attached to crates, and are especially useful when traveling. They use a combination of gravity and a ball stop tube to create a vacuum. Your dog temporarily breaks that vacuum by moving the ball when he licks the end of the tube to drink - finally, no more wet muzzle to greet you with.Lixit also manufactures an automatic dog watering valve for use outside of the home. This unit attaches directly to your outdoor plumbing, and provides your dog with a refreshing drink every time he licks the nipple on the valve. There's no water bowl, so there's no stagnation, no mess.

Sir Aqua

The Sir Aqua watering system is designed to attach to any garden hose. The hose attaches to a pressure valve clamped to a stainless steel dish. When your dog drinks the water, the valve responds to the lowered pressure in the bowl and automatically refills it.

High Country

If you have multiple large dogs then the High Country auto Water Basin is the way to go. When attached to your water source, this system uses an automatic non-siphon valve to refill the bowl to the water level you pre-select. This means your dogs always have fresh water available to them.

Aqua Dish

Also known as the Auto Wata, the Aqua Dish attaches to your garden hose, and senses when to refill using a float valve. An extra bonus, the large plastic bowl can be mounted to the floor or wall. If you have one of those dogs that love to play with his bowl and spill it, then you'll surely appreciate this system.


The Kane automatic dog watering system is a little different from other outdoor waterers because it contains a low voltage heating system to keep the five gallon water receptacle from freezing up when the temperatures dip. The system is prepared for wall mounting, and delivers fresh water through a vacuum feed.


Although no automatic pet watering system is perfect, they really can improve the quality of your pet's drinking water. You should still expect to clean all nozzles and receptacles to reduce any possible bacterial build up, but in between cleanings you can relax knowing your dog has all the fresh water he needs.

Automatic Dog Waterer