The Rarest Betta Fish: A Colorful & Comprehensive Guide

Published January 25, 2021
Colorful Betta fish

Rare betta fish species are good candidates for savvy fish keepers. With that in mind, a novice hobbyist needs to avoid rare and demanding betta species for a new fish tank. Many of these unique bettas are hard to source from breeders and don't live long.

Rare Betta Fish

There are 47 species in the genus betta, so a new hobbyist may select many different color varieties and types for a tank. Most of the typical varieties are generally available through a local dealer. Savvy hobbyists may find rare betta fish types and colors difficult to source at a fish shop. For example, a local supplier is a better choice, and a Cambodian betta may be available if it is on the short-list.

Rare Betta Fish Colors

Many of the common colors for bettas include bright red, royal blue, orange, and gold. There are bettas in solid-colors and some with a solid body but lighter or darker fins. Many breeders concentrate on establishing a wide range of colors, from white to the extremely rare purple.


Albino bettas are hard to find and are known for a variety of health issues. This fish lacks all skin pigmentation, and the red eyes also lack any color.

albino betta fish


Purple is one of the rarest colors for bettas, and this type of fish is almost impossible to find.

Purple betta fish


Green variations are often considered precious. True green bettas do not exist, and if you do find one, the color appears as turquoise.

Green betta fish


Yellow bettas are not typical and hard to breed. The body and fins need to be a bright lemon color.

Yellow betta fish

Solid Orange

This color is unique as an orange betta is typically more tangerine. A genuine solid orange betta is also rare.

Orange betta fish

Rare Types of Betta Fish

Fish keepers may feel anxiety when adding freshwater fish tankmates and bettas, especially to a new tank. Check with a local pet shop owner about the rare types you love and keep the list for a future tank. Stick to popular and common betta fish first, but check out the unique species as they are beautiful.


A Cambodian betta is one color with fins of another color. For example, the body may be red or pink with all the fins a light blue color. These fish are now difficult to find.

Cambodian betta fish


The unique body shape of this fish makes it uncommon in the betta world. The snake-like head and long body are much different from the average betta.

Albimarginata betta fish


This fish is larger than typical betta fish. The complex patterns make this betta rare and beautiful. The macrostoma is also known as a spot fin betta due to the large black and red eyespot on the dorsal fin.

Macrostoma betta fish


The marble is a peculiar betta. The trait does not show up right away and causes the color to shift or darken. The color change may be dramatic.

Marble betta fish

Double Tail

The double tail betta variety is uncommon. The gene is recessive, and these fish may be shorter than regular bettas.

Double tail betta fish


The fantail's two caudal fins are side by side but joined at a small point at the top. This fish looks similar to a fantail goldfish.

double fantail Betta fish

Most Popular Betta Species

A local pet shop is ready to help and answer questions about the five most popular bettas. Many varieties of popular betta fish are almost always available, and suppliers may ship stock to you.

  • Fighting fish (betta splendens)
  • Peaceful betta (betta imbellis)
  • Emerald betta (betta smaragdina)
  • Mouthbrooding betta (betta pugnax)
  • Slender betta (betta bellica)

Leave Rare Betta Fish for Savvy Hobbyists

Novice fish keepers should stick with popular bettas rather than wild bettas. Savvy hobbyists may work with a supplier to add rare or unique bettas to an aquarium after years of fish keeping. Typical betta fish colors are beautiful, and with over 47 species, hobbyists may want to stick to the top five available at a local pet store. Good luck!

The Rarest Betta Fish: A Colorful & Comprehensive Guide