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Ethan Mizer


Ethan Mizer is an editor and writer with roots in Southern California. He is currently the Staff Editor - Pets for LoveToKnow Media. Ethan has worked extensively in print and digital media covering all things pet, from reef aquariums and reptile conservation to canine athletics and dog training.


  • Claremont McKenna College: B.A., Literature and Philosophy

Detailed Experience

Education and Training

Ethan holds a bachelor’s degree in literature and philosophy from Claremont McKenna College, and spends a considerable amount of his free time with his nose buried in books. He is also an avid student of economics, politics and fine art.

With more than 15 years as a professional editor and writer, Ethan hopes to bring his experience and professionalism to every project he joins. He is the former managing editor of Pet Product News, Dog Fancy magazine, and several other pet-related and entertainment titles. Combining his editorial instincts with his love of journalism and publishing, he is always working to improve his writing, and help others achieve their goals as writers.

Life Outdoors

An experienced hiker and backpacker, Ethan enjoys exploring the outdoors and sharing his experience with others. He has spent time on the John Muir Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail and several other well-known routes. He loves all types of outdoor recreation, but back-country camping and hiking are his favorite.

Ethan is also a SCUBA diver, with multiple certifications under his belt, including for enriched air diving and technical diving. He has more than 100 dives under his belt, with the majority being carried out at night. Ethan has spent considerable time in the water as a competitive swimmer and water polo player, life guard and aquatics instructor.

Organic Foods and Recipes

Ethan and his family enjoy cooking with organic, whole food ingredients. They are members of a local agricultural co-op and working small farm in Southern California, where produce is raised with volunteer help on-site and distributed to members.

He also enjoys home food preservation, including in the form of pickling and canning, as well as through fermentation methods. One of his goals is to establish a working rotational pantry filled with home-grown, organic ingredients.

Competitive Canines and Other Pets

Ethan is an amateur dog trainer, and his pure-bred English Springer Spaniel holds a junior title through the American Kennel Club. Working with and observing dogs is a favorite pastime of his, and he plans to proceed further with canine athletics in the future. Ethan is interested in competing in earth dog, canine agility and schutzhund competitions, and has professional training contacts in the later sport.

As an advanced aquarist, Ethan has maintained several types of systems, including reef aquariums, freshwater planted tank setups and breeding colonies of fish. This interest stems from a professional background in the aquarium hobby, as well as a lifelong interest in the aquatic world. His favorite species of aquarium fish is the galaxy rasbora, also known as the celestial pearl danio (Danio margaritatus), and his favorite type of aquarium setup takes inspiration from Takashi Amano’s foundational Nature Aquarium style and methods.