Sandra Yvonne Duke


Sandra Yvonne Duke is a freelance writer, editor and paralegal living in the mountains. She began writing fiction as a child and poetry in high school. Her non-fiction career began with a weekly column on Freedom. Her range of topics quickly grew to include pets and pet health.


Volunteer veterinary assistant,Pet care experience

Certifications and Awards

  • Small Animal Dietician Certificate

Animal Expertise

Sandra's career in helping animals started quite early in her life. She became a volunteer veterinary assistant at age thirteen. Although she was young, she was immediately given full training and duties including:

  • Assisting with surgery
  • Full after-care responsibilities
  • Performing simple lab tests
  • Socialization of abused patients
  • Assisting in the examination room

Sandra obtained her Small Animal Dietician Certificate at age fourteen. Throughout the years, she has continued studying pet health and behavior on a personal basis.